• Endurance ENDURANCE - Top performance with unique aesthetics for standard Free Weights rooms with high impact and sound absorption.
  • Pavigym Extreme EXTREME - Top resistance against damage from heavy duty weight training areas. Maximum impact absorption.
  • Motion MOTION - Offers the best protection against injuries in Group-X areas. Scientifically tested.
  • Performance PERFORMANCE - Resistance and elegance with design in your Cardio & Fitness area. Prevents equipment from sliding with both noise and vibration absorption.
  • TURF - The unique functional training flooring solution for both Indoor and Outdoor areas. Ideal for all types of workouts including heavy duty.
  • Traffic TRAFFIC - The most elegant look with high resistance for areas of intense traffic (reception, corridors, offices, locker rooms). Waterproof.
  • Comfortgym COMFORTGYM MATS - The perfect combination of resistance and durability. Extensive range of colours, shapes and sizes available.
  • Body Mind BODY MIND - Specialized flooring specifically designed for floor exercises (stretching, body mind, yoga), adding comfort with thermal insulation.
  • TATAMI - Top performance for martial arts, designed to absorb heavy impacts and gradually restore energy.
  • Wet Areas WET AREAS - Specifically designed surfaces to help limit slipping and loss of footing in wet areas, while maintaining a comfortable, hygienic and easy-to-clean result.