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How to choose sustainable sports flooring under the new European Regulations

How to choose sustainable sports flooring under the new European Regulations 

Can quality, performance, and elegance be combined with sustainability? In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, the European Union has introduced Regulation (EU) 2023/2055 to address the ban on microparticles of synthetic polymers and reduce their impact on our ecosystem. 

Read here the Regulation (EU) 2023-2055/ Restriction on microplastics intentionally added to products.

This new regulation raises concerns in the sports sector, as it includes measures to minimize the impact of one of the major sources of microplastic emissions: artificial turf. The recycled rubber particles added to this type of flooring are present in most current sports facilities, becoming toxic waste for both health and the environment. 

But… could it affect other sports flooring in the short to medium term? 

The uncertain future of recycled rubber flooring 

Considering the growing demand for seemingly more sustainable flooring, such as those made with recycled rubber, it is important to assess the reality of their environmental impact. Despite being derived from recycled materials, their manufacturing process is highly harmful to the environment. Moreover, these floors wear out, releasing rubber particles that can seriously affect health and increase the environmental footprint through user contact. 

Why choose virgin rubber? 

The good news is that there are already sustainable alternatives that comply with regulations and preserve the quality of the flooring. 

Choosing solutions made from virgin rubber instead of recycled rubber is crucial in this regard. Virgin rubber, derived from natural raw materials, not only meets the strictest standards of the regulation but also provides an environmentally friendly option. 

This type of flooring has an upper layer that, due to its composition, completely eliminates the release of particles, thus complying with current regulations and improving the health conditions of users by preventing direct contact with harmful materials. 

PAVIGYM: Commited to sustainability and safety 

PAVIGYM flooring solutions are safe and environmentally friendly. We meticulously adhere to European standards, using virgin rubber in our premium products to reinforce our commitment to user safety and sustainability. 

We understand that every gym is unique, and we are here to ensure that the flooring not only meets standards but also reflects a commitment to sustainability. 

Take a look at our sustainability policy.