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Extreme sound absorption for gyms. Extreme S&S + Acoustic


Extreme sound absorption with PAVIGYM EXTREME S&S and new PAVIGYM ACOUSTIC

We all recognise the sound of a busy gym. The whirr of the treadmills, the clinking of weights, and the constant banging and rumbling coming from the weights area. It’s all just part of the background noise now, the falling weights providing the soundtrack to your training. But wouldn’t it be nice to turn down the volume? We’re sure your users, your neighbours, your staff, and even the floor that’s taking a beating, would appreciate it. PAVIGYM Extreme S&S is designed with all this in mind. If offers the maximum level of resistance and sound absorption complemented by a stunning hardcore aesthetic. Its high level of acoustic insulation significantly reduces the sound and vibration produced by heavy weights being dropped onto gym floors. This soundproofing contributes to the creation of a more comfortable environment for everyone, both the user working in the weights area and for everyone else using your gym facilities./

As part of our constant striving for perfection, we decided to delve deeper into our well established PAVIGYM Extreme S&S solution to see how could further maximise its qualities. As a result of this research, we have added the new PAVIGYM Acoustic range to our product portfolio. Tested by the prestigious Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft institute, ACOUSTIC is guaranteed to adhere to the stringent regulations on impact sound reduction.


Can these floors for weight areas cope with extreme workouts?


The new PAVIGYM Acoustic range includes three products: PAVIGYM Silent, PAVIGYM Underlay + Silent and PAVIGYM Balance, all designed to be combined with our S&S products (Endurance S&S and Extreme S&S) to enhance the impact and sound absorption.

According to the studies carried out, the incorporation of PAVIGYM Acoustic as a soundproofing layer improves sound reduction by up to 25% compared to PAVIGYM Extreme S&S.

Characteristics of the new PAVIGYM Acoustic range:

This thin layer provides a base with great impact sound reduction. Like the other products in the range, installation is very simple and the product is light and easy to transport, demonstrating that high thicknesses do not always correspond to greater protection from or absorption of impacts.

This is a combination of PAVIGYM Silent and PAVIGYM Underlay. This second layer reinforces the impact sound reduction properties of the SILENT and also absorbs the vibrations generated by the use of materials commonly needed for Crossfit ® or heavy weight areas. This is an economical option when it comes to correcting any problem related to intense and problematic sounds caused by strong hits that can end up damaging the facilities.

Finally, we present PAVIGYM Balance. This flooring will be of particular interest if your gym is located on an upper floor or is spread over more than one floor, given the sensitivity to vibrations which could result in damage not only to the flooring but also to the ceiling of the floor below. PAVIGYM Balance has the characteristic of being able to deform and return to its initial state easily in order to achieve the maximum coefficient in terms of sound and vibration reduction.

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