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Do you struggle when it comes to keeping your New Year resolutions for more than a month? You’re not the only one.

Forming habits, reaching goals and not losing motivation can be incredibly difficult. So, we thought we would tackle some key pitfalls and share some tips on how you can be successful in keeping your resolutions.

First off, Have you set something that is achievable, realistic and meaningful to you?

If something doesn’t seem realistically achievable then we’re more likely to give up at the first big hurdle. For example, “I want to run the marathon”. Rather than just having that idea in mind, we then need to break down how to achieve this end goal. Chunking things down mentally into smaller, achievable tasks will lead you to success, in this situation to run the full distance of a marathon.

We, therefore, need to set out a training routine and form some habits to achieve that goal. So you may decide to train 4 times a week; a strength session, a HIIT class to increase fitness and two specific running sessions, one may be sprints and one may be a longer distance, lower intensity run. Spread those four days across the week and mark them in your diary. If you set the alert in your diary and block the timeout, then you’re more likely to commit to it, rather than perhaps finding an excuse not do it.

So how to keep that routine going…

Attending group training classes where you are supported by a network of people and being able to rely on a fitness professional to program your strength or HIIT workout, rather than creating one yourself is a great way to stick to your training regime.
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Track and keep a note of your workouts. You could keep a fitness diary, use wearable technology. For example, MYZONE is compatible with PRAMA technology, then you can track your results and see your progress. Being able to actually see that your training is working and that you are becoming fitter and stronger is key to not losing motivation. Achieving your goal and being able to see how far you have come and the progress you have made is incredibly empowering.


Talk to your friends about your resolutions. The likelihood is that many of them will be in a similar situation to yourself so you can confide, share experiences and celebrate results with one another. Studies have shown that the biggest obstacle to forming new habits is self-criticism, so relying on each other for support can help prevent those feelings of self-doubt and criticism.

Good luck! Remember to tag @pavigym so we can see your progress

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