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The best Tatami floor for martial arts

For the best, most disciplined martial arts training, you need the best martial arts floor. Our TATAMI flooring is designed for all types of martial arts, making it the perfect floor for judo, ju-jitsu, karate, and many more sports.


tatami floor

Our energy return technology helps our TATAMI floor cushion movements & falls by more than 60% when compared with other martial art flooring. Designed specifically to hold the perfect balance between rigid and elastic, it’s perfect to manage and dissipate the extra energy used in martial arts. This energy dissipation also makes it safer than other, more rigid floors that can cause jarring and injuries.

Another great characteristic of our TATAMI martial arts flooring is its fantastic grip coefficient, covering both longitudinal and rotational grip. It’s perfect for bare foot training, and it won’t cause burns on your feet like other floors might. As always, we have meticulously designed this flooring to be at the perfect level for martial arts training.

tatami floor

The texture of TATAMI is smooth and pleasant, while a range of elegant colours are available to make your flooring as easy on the eye as it is on the feet.

As with all our floors, TATAMI is installed using our incredibly accurate interlocking tile system. Although our product is not the only tatami flooring that uses this system, we’re confident that the design of our tiles is superior to others. As a result, the installation not only looks much better, but it’s also much easier to care for and lasts much longer.

We’ve helped dojos that have had severe humidity issues, with one in particular having to remove the tiles every 3 months to allow the sub-floor to dry out. Pavigym TATAMI eradicates this problem with its waterproof surface and excellent interlocking system.

TATAMI mats uk

The fantastic waterproof qualities of our TATAMI product also add to its increased level of hygiene. Not allowing any kind of liquid to enter between the cracks or soak into the floor keeps the flooring fresh and odour-free. Added to its excellent resistance to wear and tear and the fact that it doesn’t stain, this is a martial arts flooring that stays looking brand new for much longer than other tatami mats.

If you’d like to know more about our TATAMI floor products, order a sample, or have any questions about TATAMI or any of our other products, contact us and we’ll get back to you with everything you need.