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It’s natural to have those days or even weeks where you just don’t feel motivated to go all out in the gym.

So, when it comes to applying intensity to your workout, we’ve come up with a few tips to help make sure you’re making the most of your time and getting the maximum results.

1. Combine circuit training, strength, and cardio

Adding a station in your circuit that is purely focused on keeping your heart rate elevated will ensure that you always have to perform with intensity in between the strength exercises and it will keep your body guessing. If you target a different muscle group in each strength station, then you shouldn’t need much rest between each exercise. You can, therefore, get the most out of your workout in a short amount of time, whilst building muscle and burning more calories.

2. Have you gone to failure?

It is important to push yourself to see if you can squeeze out those last, most challenging reps of an exercise. If in doubt, use a friend or trainer to spot you so you can focus on your technique. Lifting to failure will give you the mental satisfaction that you went all out and gave it your all. It’s also a great way to track your progress and see if you can beat your score in six to eight weeks time.


3. Grab a workout partner

Not just to suffer through the workout with you, but having a training partner will make you more accountable to firstly showing up as planned, but also to performing each workout with real intensity. You can support, encourage, motivate one another and you’re more likely to reach your fitness goals if you’re not going about it alone.

4. Food for fuel

The key word here is ‘fuel’. You’re likely to feel more hungry once you start training more often and with more intensity. Try not to think of it satisfying your hunger, but more about fuelling your body in the right way so that it has the nutrients it needs to recover and replenish muscle tissue so that you can train with intensity in your next workout. Lean protein sources, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and whole grains will ensure you are fuelling your body right.


5. Time under tension

All the exercises include a negative portion, for instance, the squat – on the way down. Have you tried counting one to five seconds as you lower yourself down? Emphasis on the negative portion means you are increasing the time you spend under tension making your body work harder, with more control. You won’t be able to go as heavy as you would normally but it will help increase power, strength and core stability. It’s a win, win!

Note:  Start with lighter weights so that you focus on the proper technique otherwise you won’t get the true benefit of the exercise and no one wants to risk injury. Our PRAMA Strength programming is now available for studios so you have the benefit of our trainers and workout partners MORE INFO

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