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A few months ago, PAVIGYM Master Trainer, Dani Gonzalez visited the Boca Juniors technical team to talk all things PRAMA and performance training.

The Boca Juniors are a professional football team in Buenos Aires that decided to install PRAMA in their own facilities to ensure the best results. We caught up with Dani to get all the behind the scenes action.


Q: So Dani, have the Boca Juniors always been a fan of PRAMA?
A: They first discovered our training concept online and since then, the technical team became curious about how PRAMA could be adapted to the various training needs of their players and thought it would be a great tool in the high-performance sports field.

Q: How long have they had a PRAMA studio?
A: Since September, I went to deliver the training to their fitness coaches, physiotherapists, and doctors. In true Boca Juniors style, they immediately started using it with their players. We even had some practices with the players during the week I was there.

Q: Did they say what their favorite part of PRAMA was?
Yes, their favorite part of PRAMA are the interactive units without a doubt.


Q: How do the team use their PRAMA studio?
A: They use it during physical condition sessions. Their favorite stations are the interactive units (Combo and Sprint Track) which they say are unique in the high-performance training field. They use PRAMA to train all different physical conditioning outcomes, athletic skills and stated that our interactive units are unique for training reaction and decision-making processes which makes a difference among players.

Q: Can we expect exciting things to come in 2018 from the team?
A: When I caught up with the performance coaches recently, they were really happy with the results and performance improvements their players were making, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens for the team in 2018.

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