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Workouts for women and workouts for men?

High-intensity workouts and weightlifting are not just for men

Many women still think that free weight areas are only for men either because the workouts will make them too masculine or simply because they consider that free weights and women don’t go together. At the same time, many men consider group-x classes with cardio and dance exercises such as aerobics, Zumba, latino, step … as being the exclusive domain of females. Not true!

Luckily, nowadays, this limiting perception of exercising is no longer what it was. More and more people are aware that fitness routines and workouts don’t distinguish between women and men, due to the fact that both have the same capacity to train in any area or discipline. We think so too!

However, there are still myths to disprove and wrong perceptions to work on, such as:

“Women who do weightlifting seem masculine”

To begin with, the first mistake is to think that being strong can only be related to a male body. Wrong! Empowering the muscles with the appropriate weights doesn’t have to make you bigger. Its objective is to strengthen your muscles, tone up and sculpt your body. Additionally, among the benefits of performing muscle building or toning programs, you will also find prevention of decalcification, body fat loss, gains in vitality, sculpting your body, improvement of balance…

The production of testosterone is markedly lower in women, around 10% less than men. This hormone is responsible for the increase of muscle and bone mass, therefore the chances of the woman’s body being altered towards a masculine appearance are much reduced. On the other hand, women have higher levels of estrogen, which increases body fat, causing physiological differences between men and women, meaning, for instance, greater difficulty to lose body fat. Even so, this is still not a strong reason to label certain exercises either for women or for men.


“Weightlifting can be dangerous for women”

Weightlifting can become dangerous for anyone who doesn’t perform it properly and can cause injury if the posture or grip is not correct. You must know how to choose the weight that suits you, that allows you to work without causing you any harm. You should know that to increase the target weight you must do it progressively, with training, patience and time.



One thing to keep in mind is that because women have less blood than men, around 2 liters of difference, their heart rate during training is higher, but according to the latest research conducted by Dr. Nicholas Ratamess for The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, women actually recover more quickly than men during strength training.

In the end, we can say that a training should not be determined by your sex but by the objectives you want to achieve and by your morphology. Therefore, do not get carried away by these types of urban legend that only provoke a lack of self-confidence. Workout following the recommendations of your personal trainer to avoid injuries. Among our brand values is our commitment to all athletes and fitness enthusiasts, be they, men or women. Let’s all start thinking this way!


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