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Frequently Asked

  • Can I create training sessions from home or from my office?

    Of course! The application can be installed on any computer that meets specific hard disk capacity and screen resolution requirements. So, you can create your workouts from anywhere, you just need internet access.

    Once you have created your workouts, and before applying them to other centres, we recommend you to try them out at a reference centre to validate the training experience, times, number of rounds…

  • How do I record my exercises?

    There are 3 ways to create exercises:

    • We record the exercises for you! (In our facilities, with our trainers).
    • We record your coaches! We go to your facilities and record with your coaches.
    • You record! You can do it yourself. We provide you with the format. We only need you to fill in the information of each exercise and we upload the exercises to your library.
  • How much does it cost to record exercises?

    It depends! The price varies depending on the mode chosen and the number of exercises to be recorded. If you want a personalised estimate, please contact us directly.

  • In addition to my exercises... Do I get more exercises?

    Of course you do! Bootiq includes by default the entire PRAMA library with more than 2500 exercises of different types (functional, cardio, strength, high intensity, body and mind, fitboxing…), with various materials and accessories and with different goals.

  • In addition to exercises, does Bootiq include pre-designed sessions or programmes?

    No. Bootiq is a differentiation tool and the sessions created are originally yours (for the centres you choose). You can develop your own training format, but it does not incorporate pre-designed sessions.

  • If one of my competitors uses Bootiq too, can they implement the same concept?

    Not at all! Your concept will be unique and exclusive. Bootiq is simply a tool that supports the development of a concept making it more attractive to users and coaches. But what lies beneath it is your own fitness concept, created and owned by you, and your competition will never be able to imitate it. We all have access to Power Point, but the presentations we make are completely unique because the difference is in the way we use the tool. The same goes for Bootiq: it is a tool for creation and evolution.

  • What parts of the application can I customise with my image?

    You can add your logo, your menu images and a secondary colour for the buttons and borders. In the BOOTIQ Cloud and HOME you can add the logo.

  • Is it mandatory to incorporate video, audio, lights and heart rate monitoring to my concept?

    The video is mandatory because it is the way users follow the session.

    The audio, lights and heart rates are not mandatory, but they are highly recommended. Bootiq uses audio and lights to give each programme and session its own personality, as well as helping users to identify work and rest times. Therefore, with video, audio and lights the experience will be much better, more immersive and less dependent on the trainer.

    With the heart rate monitors, users will be able to follow their progress in real time during the class. In addition, Bootiq will be able to identify them and launch personalised messages during the class. Furthermore, Bootiq’s cloud platform offers a complete range of retention tools based on controlled participation through the heart rate monitors.

  • Am I obliged to buy all these elements from Pavigym?

    Yes: Lights and heart rate receptor antennas. They use special protocols and are not compatible with all the systems.

    No: Video (but it is necessary to install it), audio and heart rate monitors. These are standard market elements. At Pavigym we can provide them, but you can also acquire any other element that meets specific specifications.

  • What are the specifications?

    Video (Projector):

    • HDMI input.
    • Colour light emission ≥ 4.000 lumens.
    • Resolution 1920 x 1200 – 16:9
    • Light source duration ≥ 20,000 hours at full output
    • Contrast ratio 2.500.000:1


    • Any device that supports standard mini-jack input.

    Heart rate monitors:

      • Any heart rate monitor with ANT+ emission technology.

    A list of manufacturers and heart rate monitors can be found here:

  • Can I only install one projector?

    Of course not! You can install as many projectors as you want, you just need to double the output signal of the kiosk by means of a split.

  • Are the exercises and HOME sessions predefined?

    No. In Bootiq library there are exercises that have been conceived for HOME, but Bootiq HOME channel is designed to be an extension of your own concept at home. That’s why you should use your own exercises (and those in the Bootiq library) to create your own HOME sessions.

    This way you’ll get your users to perceive those sessions as an extension of what they do in your club.

  • Are the HOME sessions integrated into the PRAMA Cloud gamification and reward system?

    HOME sessions can also be done with a heart rate monitor and will be registered in the PRAMA Cloud, but they are not part of the points and rewards system. We want to encourage your members to go to the gym.

  • My chain/franchise already uses a booking system and/or its own cloud. Can Bootiq integrate with my current software?

    Of course! Bootiq has open APIs and can be integrated with external systems, provided that these are also open and have APIs for integration. Don’t worry, our technical team will analyse the integration possibilities of each system.

  • How much does it cost to integrate Bootiq with my systems?

    The cost may vary depending on the complexity of the integration and how prepared the external system is to integrate other software such as Bootiq. Our technical team will analyse the possibilities and costs of each integration.

  • Can I integrate my current concepts into Bootiq?

    Let our Education team analyse your current concepts. We will study the feasibility of Bootiq and the advantages it will bring to your chain/franchise.

  • Can I see a detailed demo of the software?

    Of course you can! Contact our team to make an appointment for a demo.

  • How much does Bootiq cost and the necessary hardware in each case (Kiosk, Audio, Video, heart rate monitor system)?

    Installation fee (Set up): you pay only once with the first installation of Bootiq.

    Monthly fee: Monthly licence per room with Bootiq. There are three modalities:

    • Bootiq + Cloud.
    • Bootiq + Cloud + HOME web.
    • Bootiq + Cloud + HOME web + HOME App.
  • What does the installation fee include?

    The installation fee includes all the configuration of your brand in Bootiq, Bootiq Cloud, Bootiq HOME and Bootiq App, as well as the structuring of the content packages.

  • Does the installation fee include the recording of my exercises?

    No. The initial installation includes all the branding settings in Bootiq, Bootiq Cloud, Bootiq HOME and Bootiq App, as well as the structuring of the content packages, but not the recording of new exercises.

  • If I stop paying the monthly fee will I still be able to access my sessions and exercises?

    No. You will only be able to access your exercises and the individual execution of those exercises through the “workout alone” mode, but not the sessions created or the creator of new sessions.

  • Are there different payment methods for the licence?

    Yes, you can pay monthly or annually. Bootiq is a SAAS (Software as a Service) model and therefore to access the software you need to pay for the licence on a monthly basis.

  • Does the BOOTIQ licence include music?

    Yes, the BOOTIQ licence includes different lists with different types of music to add to the training sessions and give it your personal touch. The playlists are updated every month.

  • In which areas of my gym can I install Bootiq?

    You can install Bootiq in any room designed for group activities or in any area or corner of the gym to support users in their individual training routines.

  • Do I need a trainer to run the training sessions created through Bootiq?

    BOOTIQ offers three modalities of execution of sessions:

    • Live! activities directed by a trainer.
    • Virtual: Scheduled sessions without a trainer.
    • Non-Stop: Circuit training where users can join the routines at any time (and leave them at any time).

Still in doubt?

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