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PRAMA’s success is mainly based on the exclusive combination of these 4 key elements:

A solid, diverse and complete content, aligned with the latest fitness trends.

An innovative technology that manages the workout session and encourages interactivity.

A motivating experience that leaves behind the conception of “no pain, no gain” and transforms physical exercise into an effective but fun activity.

An immersive and attractive training environment that inspires and motivates users.

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How Prama

a. Well-thought workouts

Hundreds of exercises with specially-developed algorithms to guarantee all classes are balanced and meet the needs of the programme to which they are assigned.

B. Updated Content

Regular updates and improvements to keep your studio at the cutting edge of fitness.

C. Fitness trends

HIIT, bodyweight training, training with free weight… PRAMA includes the latest and most effective fitness trends.



a. Software

A ready-to-use software that enables the use of pre-set sessions with timeline and coordinates lights, music, timings and exercises.  It allows you to adapt quickly to any situation.

B. Push Play

Everything is configured for you to provide the best possible training experience. Coaches can finally concentrate on their true goal – training and motivating users. All you need to do is push play.

C. PRAMA Kiosk

The touch-screen kiosks allow you to control the training modes, the programmes, music… Cutting-edge technology at your fingertips.




a. Interaction

Group experiences improve adhesion, and in turn retention. PRAMA creates bonds through games and competitions that allow all users to enjoy a shared experience and want to keep coming back for more.

B. Gamification

Interactive sensors, lights, competitions, and a platform that shows results of each session and progress over time all help turn PRAMA into a game that you users will never want to stop playing.

C. Fun

Intrinsic motivation is only possible when you enjoy what you do. PRAMA guarantees that while the user works hard to achieve results, their mind is occupied by stimuli that ensure that they enjoy every minute.

D. Engagement

PRAMA includes 2 digital platforms designed to offer maximum engagement even when your members are not in your club: PRAMA CLOUD (a personal online tracking-results platform) and PRAMA HOME (an online workout platform.




a. Layout

The PRAMA studio is open-plan, without machines or static accessories. With an easy to clean floor, it becomes a safe space to train.

B. Markings

The markings integrated into the floor not only help users achieve greater precision while performing exercises, but also allow optimal distribution of users around them room, guaranteeing their personal space.

C. Interactive units

Using markings made of integrated LED lights on pressure sensitive floors & walls, these new training elements keep your members sweating and smiling at the same time!

D. Mood

Lights, music, videos… The room comes to life to create a training environment that inspires and motivates users to keep coming back. It is an immersive and interactive space where anyone can join in.





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