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Premium interlocking gym floor mats range.

At Pavigym, we have created and developed our premium interlocking floor mat range. We believe interlocking floor mats are the best solution for gym facilities, hence why the majority of our floorings have been designed and developed to have this installation system.

We guarantee that all our flooring products are of the upmost quality. All of our interlocking mat products have been researched, tested and manufactured by our very own gym flooring specialists here at Pavigym Headquarters.

Every club looks to maximise their customer experience, and a fundamental part of this is the type of flooring used in your club. Ask yourself these simple questions:

Have you ever been to a gym that has an overwhelming bad odour and been put off to go back?

Do you want a durable floor that has minimal maintenance costs and is easily cleaned?

Do you want your flooring to be the best it can, and maximise your users experience?

If you answered yes to these questions, then opt for a solution that suits you: Interlocking gym flooring mats by Pavigym.

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Our interlocking flooring mat range can be situated over the majority of existing flooring types. Offering a solution to covering up damaged, unattractive flooring.

You are probably thinking to yourself … “Ok, hang on, there must be some disadvantages to this product”? Our answer to that would be… “No absolutely not”! Pavigym are proud and look to support all facility owners in maximising their gym areas, there are no strings attached.


In a constantly advancing and developing market, there is always competition around. We understands how important it is to be noticed and up to date with current trends to keep yourself on top. Our interlocking flooring mats for gyms provide a quick, easy and durable installation to our customers, due to its dovetail connection.

Unique Dovetail( Interlocking) connection: Dovetail (also known as interlocking) is a joint that puts two pieces of flooring together, like a jigsaw. This unique shape allows for a straight forward installation as well as ensuring no liquids (i.e sweat) are able to fall through the flooring mat, and in time, cause bad odours. In addition, Our precise cutting process ensures there are no gaps between the mats.

Easy Installation: Interlocking flooring mats do not require any adhesives or glues, it is a simple and quick process to install. Everybody wants to create their perfect gym area in minimal time, and we can provide that.

Easy Replacement: It is clear that in a fitness facility, heavy weights and maximum loads are constantly challenging gym floors all over the world. We can ensure that our products are damage resistant, but if a section of the flooring was to be damaged, that tile could be replaced easily as opposed to lifting up the whole floor.

Hygiene: Hygiene is key, infact it is probably one of the most important factors to consider when choosing your gym flooring. Most gym owners do not think about the hidden problems that can arise from the wrong flooring. In a gym facility, where individuals are training, dust and liquids can gather and seep through the gaps in the flooring causing problems in future, and potentially requiring the need for whole floor to be replaced.

Be creative: Our mats are available in a variety of colours ,sizes and designs to let your imagination run free. Take a look at some of our ranges.

Interlocking gym flooring mats are not only a prime product for gym facilities in terms of quality, it ensures gym owners have the opportunity to create their perfect gym flooring.

Our interlocking flooring mats look to provide solutions to problems you never knew you had.


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