Did you know that our Markings are made to last a lifetime?

You can find many floorings with markings for functional training in the market, but how do they stand the test of time, even 12 months down the line?

Sticker Markings
Stickers Markings. The most economic solution but the least durable too.
Painted Markings
Painted Markings. More durable than stickers but wont withstand an intensive use over time.











The Pavigym Marking is in fact, one tile section embedded into another tile. This way the markings are as durable and long lasting as the tile itself.

Flooring durability guaranteed!

Which floorings have Pavigym Markings?

Endurance y Extreme
In Pavigym Endurance and Pavigym Extreme pavement used in the functional training and cardio areas.
Used with Pavigym Turf in an outdoor/indoor training area.
Motion Markings
And now you can find it too in the Group-x areas with Pavigym Motion.

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