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PRAMA Basketball is a completely new way to improve every basketball players skillset. By using the LED responsive PRAMA interactive units, this program delivers a new style of skill training that has never been seen before! PRAMA Basketball includes three difficulty levels. From basketball newcomers up to the pro level, PRAMA Basketball offers a variety of exercises for each of them. Monitoring the personal performance data via PRAMA Cloud makes it easy for players and coaches to track progress, discover weaknesses and work on specific areas.


This level can be used by players without any or little previous knowledge or skills with the basketball. Working out with the beginner level will help players to develop basic dribbling and passing skills with both hands. Even for experienced players, exercises from this level can serve as a good warm up or as a good way to become acquainted with the program.


This level addresses experienced basketball players with an already solid existing skill set. The exercises become more challenging than the ones in the beginner level. More complex drills such as dribbling the ball behind the back or between the legs are big parts of a lot of drills for this degree of difficulty.


This level includes the most complex drills. Bringin together different dribbling combinations as well as difficult passing options and advanced footwork, this level is designed to enhance even the highest skill levels. One for the Pros!

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