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Mobility training, adapted intensity & fun experience.

A programme that proves that it’s never too late to challenge yourself:

Progressive and easy to carry out training sessions.
Improves mental and physical health.
Fun social activity.


This programme reinforces social relationships while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
The training sessions are designed to improve cognitive function and movement commonly affected by the ageing process
PRAMA Senior programme is designed for people 60+ and It adapts to different physical conditions.


This programme reinforces social relationships while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Circuit format with exercises for mobility, strength, balance, cardiovascular capacity and coordination.
The sessions follow the principle of adaptable movement and intensity so people of different conditions can train together.
Interactivity, social interaction and gamification are present in every session delivering an added yet crucial value to group training.


Training mobility will improve the range of motion for muscles and joints, thus allowing individuals to keep sustain an active lifestyle while decreasing biomechanical limitations.
The strength training will increase bone density, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.
Training balance and reaction reduces the risk of falling which is a critical danger amongst the elderly.
Improving cardiovascular capacity reduces the risk of coronary disease and improves the brain blood circulation which may prevent or mitigate decline in mental health
Regular and complete physical activity at older age reduces the risk and impact of illness and chronic disease. It improves the immune system, digestive function, balanced blood pressure and lowers the risk of Alzheimer disease and chronic diseases.


Improves balance, reaction and coordination.
Slows down the ageing process maintaining the main physical capabilities.
Improve strength and mobility, which will facilitate a better quality of life.
Improves blood circulation through vital organs thanks to the cardiovascular activity.
Delivers a positive effect on mental health, mood and social interaction.
Improves bone density.

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