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Paviplay is the ideal environment for the youngest members of the family!



Paviplay is the ideal environment for the youngest members of the family!
This special floor for kids provides everyday protection, safety and comfort for children during their hours of play in nursery and primary schools, play centres, and even at home.

Paviplay is manufactured using safe, healthy materials, including built-in fungicidal and antibacterial protection.It is easy to assemble, disassemble and stack thanks to its puzzle-like system, which allows a fun play corner to be created in an instant, able to be adapted to fit any space.

More than conventional children’s flooring, Paviplay kid´s special floor is pure fun.

Now for the technical bit: Due to the innovative Air flooring system (AFS) designed for sport floorings, Paviplay is made of micro-bubbles which provide optimal shock absorption. As such, the child is totally protected from falls, and the risk of injury is reduced.

Paviplay Classic

The softer texture of Classic offers the ultimate protection for toddlers and young children from bumps and falls. Classic is the ideal flooring for play corners used barefoot. The mats and wall protectors complete a perfectly safe play area.

PAVIPLAY Classic Datasheet
Paviplay Multi

The texture and extra-resistant finishing of the Multi flooring allows usage with shoes or barefoot. Thanks to the extraordinary resistance and comfort of Multi, it is more appropriate to cover entire zones such as classrooms, psycho-motor rooms, and multi-use rooms.

PAVIPLAY Multi Datasheet

Paviplay is the perfect flooring solution for a childs play area or nursery. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for Paviplay kids flooring:

PAVIPLAY IS DURABLE: It is safe to say that your childs flooring will be well used, when properly cared for our kids flooring can last up to 20 years. However if for any reason, you go over your Paviplay Kids flooring with a bulldoser, the interlocking is designed so that if a section is damaged it can easily be replaced, without bringing up the whole floor.

PAVIPLAY IS HYGIENIC: Paviplay flooring is not only a colourful, maintainable kids flooring solution, it is extremely easy to clean. For more information on how to clean your paviplay floor, click here.

PAVIPLAY ENCOURAGES CREATIVITY: It is no mystery that children take in their surroundings through their eyes! That is why we have a range of flooring colours available to suit your facility! And don´t just stick at one color, have them all!

PAVIPLAY IS SAFE: Children want to run free and jump around. That´s why our Paviplay kids flooring solution is made up of a soft texture that cushions and provides the ultimate protection for children to play on.

In addition, Paviplay does not contain any harmful substances, such as formamide or softening agents. Safe and sanitary materials protect the child against fungi and any kind of bacteria.

Paviplay products are certified by Aitex on fire reaction, according to European norms (EN ISO 11925-2:2002, EN ISO 9239-1:2002, EN 13501-1:2007).

Paviplay has been put under examination for extensive safety tests by AIJU. The flooring achieved the HIC (Head injury criteria) certification, which guarantees shock absorbance against the usual bumps and falls of toddlers and children.

At Pavigym we ultimately believe in creating the best posible solution for all our audiences. With Paviplay we wanted to create an appealing environment to inspire, encourage and make play time as fun as posible, Choose Paviplay!

If you are interested in our Paviplay kids flooring solution, get in touch with us today.

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