Paviplay is the ideal environment for the youngest members of the family!
This special flooring for kids provides everyday protection, safety and comfort for children during their hours of play in nursery and primary schools, play centres, and even at home.
Made with Air Flooring System technology, Paviplay contains microbubbles that ensure optimal absorption of impacts, protecting the child from falls and injuries.

Paviplay is manufactured using safe, healthy materials, including built-in fungicidal and antibacterial protection.It is easy to assemble, disassemble and stack thanks to its puzzle-like system, which allows a fun play corner to be created in an instant, able to be adapted to fit any space.

More than conventional children's flooring, Paviplay kid´s flooring is pure fun.

Paviplay Classic

The softer texture of Classic offers the ultimate protection for toddlers and young children from bumps and falls. Classic is the ideal flooring for play corners used barefoot. The mats and wall protectors complete a perfectly safe play area.

Paviplay Multi

The texture and extra-resistant finishing of the Multi flooring allows usage with shoes or barefoot. Thanks to the extraordinary resistance and comfort of Multi, it is more appropriate to cover entire zones such as classrooms, psycho-motor rooms, and multi-use rooms.



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