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Indoor + Outdoor Artificial Grass

Turf: the functional and high-quality solution for both indoor and outdoor training surfaces of artificial grass.
Turf flooring for gyms designed for use in exercises involving dragging/pulling, intense friction and/or heavy weights, all of which are endured thanks to its 84,000 stitches per m2.
Its customisable grass design, comfort and increased resistance to UV rays make Turf the ideal flooring for outdoor activities, as well as for indoor use when a different, fresh, dynamic touch is desired in order to break with routine.

This model, as with the entire Pavigym range, is available in a wide variety of finishes and customisation options, to offer a unique product for every customer.

The Kid’s Turf flooring is designed specifically so that you can choose from a complete range of designs and preset games. This new flooring option opens up a world of opportunities for Gyms, especially with a view to revitalizing and dynamizing the crèche areas for kids.

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