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Now it’s more important than ever to take into account what your members will value most once this situation passes.

That’s why we’re committed to offering you the highest quality hygienic solution: the turnkey solution SAFE Pack by Pavigym.


The SAFE Pack is a complete hygiene, disinfection, and prevention package adapted to you, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

What is the Pavigym SAFE Pack?

Our SAFE Pack is the only solution you need to ensure your gym is safe and hygienic, and your members will value your efforts to meet their expectations of cleanliness and make them feel safer when returning to your club.



Pavigym will take care of everything!

Pavigym will take care of everything!

Make sure all your members are fully protected by Pavigym

What does the Pavigym SAFE Pack include?

The SAFE Pack provides you with all the measures you need to ensure that your club stays certified Coronavirus free by Pavigym:

generador ozono

1Ozone disinfection system for 100% effective protection against COVID-19

Before reopening, make sure your gym is properly sanitised. But once you open your doors, you’ll need to constantly clean and disinfect the entire centre.

Our solution: ozone disinfection systems are an effective method for protecting against Coronavirus. They are 99.99% effective in eliminating viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19.

safepack mov

It’s the ideal method to ensure your installations are safe and fully disinfected.

alfombra desinfectante
desinfectante calzado

2Footwear disinfection for virus and bacteria-free flooring

Did you know that footwear picks up more than 400,000 types of bacteria, viruses, and organisms from floors?

You can’t control where your clients have been before they enter your facility. Once they enter through your doors, ensure that their footwear is properly disinfected.

Two of the best solutions to disinfect your members’ footwear:

  • Disinfectant mat. A mat that’s designed to eliminate bacteria and viruses, it’s effective, easy to use, and can be placed anywhere.
  • Footwear disinfection system. An automatic spray system that ensures complete and effective disinfection of any type of footwear in a matter of seconds.
alfombra desinfectante
desinfectante calzado

Stop the virus before it enters your installations.

protector mask covid19

3Protective face shields to ensure the safety of your team

Before opening your doors, it’s important to prepare a prevention protocol for your members and staff.

To help fight COVID-19, we’ve reassigned some of our resources to fabricate protective masks made from Pavigym EVA that protect the face completely against splatters and microorganisms.

Comfortable and lasting protection throughout the day

safepack mov

For every mask bought, we’ll donate another to hospitals, health workers, security staff…

pavigym safepack

4Hygienic flooring to keep your gym clean and virus-free

Is your flooring easy to disinfect? Since cleanliness will be one of the things most valued by members, having a porous, difficult to clean, or worn out floor will make users feel less safe

Pavigym floors are impermeable non-porous virgin rubber, antibacterial and easy to clean. Considered among the most hygienic on the market, they also prevent the accumulation of bad odours.

safepack mov

Take advantage of this temporary closure to change your less hygienic flooring.

5Flooring with markings to help maintain distance

Social distancing is the new normal. How can you ensure members maintain a safe distance from each other? The best way to optimise your space and make sure you adapt to the new recommendations is to make it as easy as possible by indicating it on the floor.

Our flooring with markings determines a specific space for each person.

Three floor marking solutions that adapt to your needs:

  • Integrated markings. Rubber markings integrated into the floor tiles. No paint or adhesives, making them resistant, immune to wear, and easy to match with your aesthetic.
  • Adhesive markings. Adapt to any situation. Perfect for reinforcing social distancing on a smaller budget. Suitable for any type of floor.
  • Non-adhesive markings – security token. Portable rubber strips that you can place whenever and wherever you need them. No adhesives or cutting required.
safepack mov

Because safety and functionality can come together in an extraordinary design.

pavigym safe pack

6Comfortgym mats for each member to train with confidence

Have you got your accessories ready? If your material looks used, it will give the impression of being unhygienic.

If you don’t want to transmit a feeling of poor hygiene or insecurity, you may have to replace some of your materials. One of the best places to start will be your mats.

Our Comfortgym gym mats are resistant, easy to clean, and certified bacteriostatic and fungicidal. Therefore, they prevent contagion as well as being comfortable, practical, and available for personalisation.

safepack mov

The perfect combination of hygiene, durability and flexibility for floor exercises.

pavigym safepack

7Marketing toolkit to encourage your members to return

Many of your members will be looking forward to training again, but a large number of them might be put off by the possibility of contagion or concerns that the gym is not properly disinfected.

Transmitting efficiency, trust and security is paramount to achieving greater retention, and even attracting new members.

In order to let you focus on what you’re best at, serving your members, we’ve prepared a complete pack of “turnkey” marketing actions.

safepack mov

All you need to worry about is launching the campaigns at the right time.

Now is the best time to update and improve. Get ahead of the competition and be ready for the upturn in the market by investing now while your doors are closed.

covid free certified
pavigym free covid certified

Are you interested in ensuring your gym is Coronavirus-free?

Request a quote. We’ll do the rest.

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