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Your dream facility design will become a reality

360 Immersive Experience

In addition, you can take your members on a journey to the most unexpected places, selecting from a range of distinctive ambiences our designers will create. We can even provide you with amazing 360 designs that provide the most immersive experience.


For the most “hands-on”, you can also design your facility by yourself. In just 5 steps you can visualize your dream gym.

ECDESIGN software now incorporates PAVIGYM flooring. Now you can design with ease your functional area, incorporating both your corporate colours and PAVIGYM flooring and innovations.

By using ECDESIGN software, one of the easiest ways to plan and design all kind of fitness clubs, you can include corporate colours, create a functional area to your liking, incorporate various atmospheres in specific spaces and decide where to place our latest innovations.

Seduce your members with a unique setting that is tailor-made for you! In addition, as a PAVIGYM-referred customer you can take advantage of having a great discount. You can download ECDESIGN and contact us to get your ECDesign discount.

EC Design

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