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What are we doing to fight COVID-19?

Is your flooring sanitary? Are you taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19?
At Pavigym, we are. And we want to help you.

In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to take into account what your members will value most once this situation passes.

Your clients’ priorities should be your priorities too.

You or your customers may have had to close your centres temporarily, but when all this is over, everyone will be aching to start exercising again.

However, we need to be more conscientious and prudent than before, prioritising quality, security, and hygiene in our installations.

That’s why we’re committed to offering you the highest quality hygienic gym flooring solutions.

Is your flooring sanitary?

For a floor to be considered sanitary and safe, it has to encompass the following aspects:

  • Disinfection and security during the production process
  • Disinfection of products
  • Secure delivery
  • Low emission of volatile organic compounds
  • Resistance to microorganisms.
  • Chemical resistance

Our floors comply with different regulations and international standards of hygiene and quality.

Our commitment is to keep the world moving and your business running, but safely.

The most hygienic flooring in the fitness industry

To guarantee the peace of mind and health of your customers, we’ve prepared this summary of all the measures for prevention and disinfection applied to our products and implemented in our facilities during the production and logistics phases.

pavigym inforgrafia
pavigym inforgrafia

1Fully engaged to protect the health of our employees

Of course, the safety of our team and collaborators is a priority for us. By closely following the guidance of local and international health officials, we are working tirelessly to protect our employees:

We have implemented enhanced protocols for the cleaning and sanitisation of our facilities 4 times per day.

We have taken additional social distancing precautions in the factory. All machines are positioned more than 300 m2 from each other.

We are manufacturing our own protective face shields made of Pavigym’s EVA rubber.

We have provided masks and gloves to all our employees to ensure the utmost safety.

Our office teams are working remotely.


2COVID-Free flooring

Our manufacturing process is continuing as normal, with additional disinfection processes.

Our floors are free from COVID-19
All our products are disinfected one by one before leaving the production line to ensure they are virus-free.

Our packaging is the most secure against COVID-19
Our products are packaged and dispatched in cardboard boxes.

This is in line with the New England Journal of Medicine study published 21st March 2020 that analysed the resistance of COVID-19 on different surfaces and reached the conclusion that, on cardboard, the virus dies within the first 24 hours (in comparison to the 72h resistance found on other surfaces such as plastic or metal)


3Guides and recommendations for additional disinfection

We’re developing various additional specific cleaning and disinfection guides for our clients and installers. These include details of the products recommended to carry out deep cleaning and disinfection of all our floors once installed.

We also outline the steps to follow to ensure that cleaning is safe and 100% effective.

If you want to know more about this guide to specific cleaning products, you can get in touch with us by clicking the button below.


4Our floors are certified A+ in health and emissions

Our virgin rubber flooring is internationally certified by the VOC-directive as class A+ (the best of the best) with regards to emission of volatile organic compounds.

In line with regulation EN 16516, Pavigym products comply “with the requirements of international VOC-directive emission for indoor use of construction products”.


5Less porosity – safer and cleaner

Our products have undergone different porosity tests to compare the hygienic properties of our virgin rubber floors to other recycled rubber products. These tests have shown that:

On porous surfaces: liquid such as sweat or those containing viral properties is absorbed within 18 seconds and remains accumulated under the surface. This encourages the survival and reproduction of bacteria and viruses.

As our products are virgin rubber, they are not porous and are completely impermeable. They do not absorb any liquid, whether it may be sweat or contain viral properties. It also offers further advantages:

  • Easy to clean and disinfect. This ensures the immediate disinfection of surfaces to avoid contact with or reproduction of bacteria or viruses.
  • Avoids bad odours.

6Resistance to microorganisms: prevention of contagion

Our floors have been certified as bacteriostatic and fungicidal.

Thanks to these properties, they inhibit the growth of microorganisms and have the capacity to eliminate some of the microorganisms presents on the surface.

In short, they work to prevent the spread of various illnesses.


Differentiation will be more important than ever, and the studios and sports centres that prioritise hygiene and prevention measures will be the ones that come out on top.

We help you choose the correct flooring solution for your facility.

Request a quote. We’ll do the rest.

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