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What does
Bootiq include?

Bootiq is a software that allows you to handle every detail of your concept. Create your own sessions, control exercises, time, music, lights… and deliver a unique and outstanding fitness experience. Totally customizable and tailor made.


BOOTIQ software allows you to create exclusive workouts based on your own programmes, such as mobility, movement, fitboxing, strength, calories-burn or any other programme you imagine.


  • The exercises you want to include
  • The format of the session (rounds, sets, super sets…)
  • Accessories and cardio equipment
  • Time for each exercise
  • Music & lights (atmosphere) to create an immersive experience
  • Heart-rate monitor connection to track the performance during the session

Turn your workout into an interactive, motivational, and immersive experience.

What does BOOTIQ software include?

  • Customization with your LOGO and corporative colors
  • +2500 exercises (or upload your own)
  • Different formats for sessions
  • +96 songs every month (or upload your own)

Bootiq Cloud

The Bootiq cloud is a heart-rate based system that uses cloud technology to track your members results. Based on a scoring system, it helps you to offer your members a complete engaging training experience.

Why is the Cloud so important for retention? It allows you to:

  • Keep track of your members performance
  • Create challenges
  • Motivate your members to give their all in each class!
  • Enhance competitiveness

Deliver the most powerful gamified and motivation experience!

With your BOOTIQ cloud, your customers will be able to:

  • Check their instant effort and progress
  • Set goals
  • Create challenges
  • Check their ranking position

Online workout platform

Extend your concept at home. Bootiq online workout platform allows you to provide world-class digital fitness content. Complement your gym offerings with online workouts.

Forget about white label solutions and deliver your exclusive in club experience, anywhere, anytime:

  • Take your concept to your members’ home
  • Configurate the home fitness sessions
  • Same digital experience to your members as they receive in the gym.
  • Track their progress and improve retention!
  • A truly omnichannel tool

Your brand, your concept, your experience… A winning combination.

Customized layout

Get a superb layout for the perfect concept.
Bootiq gives you full freedom and flexibility to adapt your fitness concept to any group training area.

You just need to select the stations you want to include in your training session.

But if you are in need of a redesign of your group training room, we can also help you to:

  • Choose the best fitness flooring of the market.
  • Customize your gym area with your corporate colors and logo.
  • Create your customised design with stunning 3D visuals and optimise your space.
  • Manage the whole project: flooring, walls, design, installation, maintenance…

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