PAVIGYM™ and the improvements

PAVIGYM™ aims to contribute to improvements within the fitness industry through collaborations with different associations within the sector:

AFYDAD Member, Spanish Association of Producers and Distributors of Sporting Goods.

Member of International Health, Raquet & Sportsclub Association in USA.

PAVIGYM™ is a supplier member of the FIA (Fitness Industry Association), the trade body which represents every reputable organization in the health and fitness industry in the UK.

European Health and Fitness Association is the leading non-profit organization representing the whole of the European health and fitness sector in Brussels. The sector serves over 40 million consumers, generates 22 billion Euros in revenues, employs 390,000 people, and consists of 40,000 facilities.


PAVIGYM™ is working in collaboration with other companies and international institutions on the development of projects to improve our processes and products.

Products scientifically tested in collaboration with the Valencia Biomechanics Institute.

Projects developed in collaboration with AIMPLAS.

Products tested according to the strictest safety norms, with regards to their chemical composition and possible emissions.

Products tested to verify their fire-reaction behavior and their bacterial characteristics.

Pemarsa, S.A: Pavigym's factory has developed an innovative material comprising improved fire-resistant, acoustic and mechanical properties which allow the company to reach new markets and new opportunities with an even more complete product. The R&D project was denominated "E2 Master" and has been financed by CDTI with funding from FEDER, all of which has enabled a successful project surpassing expectations.