Nobody wants to be bored while training. Functional Training is a powerful motivational trend, aimed at achieving the same benefits through entertainment, based upon personal challenges to overcome. PAVIGYM 2.0 will help you to get the extra benefits of Small Group and Team Training at your club.

functional training flooring pavigym 2.0
functional training flooring pavigym 2.0

With PAVIGYM 2.0, you will create a specific area for Functional Training based upon spatial references on the floor. It is also a complete ready-to-use pack, including access to our online private area, with more than 500 exercises available to help configure each session, and to our extensive marketing support.

PRAMA 2.0.

functional training flooring pavigym 2.0

Now you can upgrade your PAVIGYM 2.0 to PRAMA 2.0 by adding our latest INTERACTIVE TRAINING Software.


With PAVIGYM Training Accessories you will add more training possibilities to PAVIGYM 2.0 circuit. Integrate them as new circuit stations or as a complement for some others and you will offer even more new dimensions to each session!


anchor functional training accesory

PAVIGYM Anchor is a simple and effective solution to work with elastic tubes. Add lots of different new possibilities to train all kind of movements with additional resistance. Together with our Functional Markings offers endless possibilities to improve strength training.

With our PAVIGYM 2.0 App we provide you lots of different exercises with anchor for the different markings classified in different levels and physique qualities.


slide area functional training accesory

PAVIGYM Slide is a friction training surface totally integrated into the floor. The optimal solution for the friction training... the surface is part of the floor and ONLY slides if using the PAVIGYM Slide Pads.

The friction training is an amazing system to train all main physical qualities and provide a high intensity muscular involvement with no impact at all which prevents joints, ligaments and tendons from injury. A great and highly versatile element to train strength, mobility, coordination, proprioception, balance, power, agility... from beginners to advance or athletes.

Integrated into the PAVIGYM 2.0 becomes a new workout position. In our PAVIGYM 2.0 App and private web area you can find lots of different exercises for beginners, intermediate and advanced, for the different physical qualities.


With PAVIGYM Training Concepts, your members will be guided to the correct posture, reducing risk of injuries and ensuring they get the most out of their workout. In addition, you will be able to rejuvenate and bring life to low traffic areas, by providing a new stunning new look within your club.

pavigym 2.0
pavigym 2.0
Pavigym 2.0 Functional Zone

Works on mobility, stability and suppleness based on the Pilates Method. Users can diversify their activities using the display to learn new exercises.

Pavigym 2.0 Functional Zone

A specifically designed area with vibrant and comfortable flooring for stretching, warm-ups and cool-downs.

Pavigym 2.0 Functional Zone

The ability to combine SAQ exercises with multi-jumps, directional changes, strides, reactions and strength training.


With PAVIGYM 2.0 you will maximize the use of your space by adding designs, symbols or markings to your floor.

Our PAVIGYM 2.0 solutions will help you create specific conceptual zones, brand your flooring, and even create functional training circuits which will help your members train safely and efficiently.

PAVIGYM 2.0 offers the best performance with great aesthetics to support your brand. Customize your space and you will ensure your members enjoy an awesome workout experience!

functional training flooring pavigym 2.0