PAVIGYM™ is easy to install. However, there are some basic requirements and considerations which need to be taken into account before starting the installation.


If you prefer to use a professional installation service, contact us and we will connect you with our nearest official installer.

We also dispose of a network of maintenance companies which can take care of the frequent or occasional cleaning of your facility.

Contact our Customer Service department for further details.


Are PAVIGYM™ tiles easy to install?
The PAVIGYM™ interlocking system mates it easy for you. Samll areas can be loose laid so you don't need any adhesives. For more info see our Installation Manual.

I want rolls. Not tiles.
Tiles are easier to install as they fit with the interlocking and can be adapted more aesily to the different features of the room (columns, corners, etc).

Can PAVIGYM™ be installed on wooden floors?
All PAVIGYM™ products can be installed on a wooden subfloor. The subfloor has to be solid and dry. Please contact our support team for specific questions.

Can PAVIGYM™ be installed on top of carpet or soft acoustic underlayers?
Our flooring needs a solid base to avoid faulty interlocking. Carpets or other soft subfloors must be removed prior to installation.


Post Installation Cleaning


Maintenance Cleaning


Deep Cleaning