What colors do you like?? What impression do you want to give?? What vision do you have?? We will provide you with a FOC 3D service, to enable you to envisage what your club will look like, before the flooring has even been ordered! Problem-free. We can train your maintenance staff. We tell them what products to use, when to use them, and how to use them. We can even supply them if necessary. Your floor will always be clean. Problem-free. We manage your whole project…your flooring, your walls, your design, the manufacturing, shipping, installation, maintenance. We’re responsible for ensuring everything is coordinated and runs smoothly. We leave you...problem-free.


PAVIGYM™ gives you a STRESS-FREE ride from start to finish!


Product Specification: Allow the experts to select the correct flooring and tell you the exact quantities needed. No hassle, and no headaches. Design: Our spectacular FOC 3D service will enable to envisage your new facility before the flooring has even been ordered. Manufacturing and Delivery: Wherever and whenever you need it.


Project Management: We will coordinate everything with your other suppliers. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the finished product. Installation: Allow us to control this. We can coordinate, train and liaise with all your internal or external installation teams. Launch: We will work with your Training Director on the pre-launch strategy and plan. We will guide you, and supply the tools to guarantee the best marketing campaign, ensuring all your potential new members sign up.


Education: We will supply ALL your trainers with the tools to ensure they become experts on Functional Training and Small Group Training. Maintenance: We will train and liaise with your own maintenance teams. We´re not afraid to get our hands dirty, in order to make sure your floor stays clean. Operations: Our continuous training and hotline support will ensure your team ALWAYS maximizes your investment.