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Pavigym Functional Zone Training

With the PAVIGYM™symbols and markings, your members will find the right position for their hands and feet to complete their work out, reducing risk of injuries and even more so. You will maximize the use of your space while introducing the latest fitness trends in your facility.

Functional Zone™ will help you to get the extra benefits of Small Group and Team Training at your sport center:

  • Shorter, more effective, more fun, and more interactive workouts for users.
  • Renewed image for your facility.

The Functional Zone™ comes together with:

  • PRIVATE AREA: your portal to successful small group training management with 600+ exercise library, with sample classes, and much more.
  • APP FOR iPHONE/ iPAD: you can obtain easily from ITunes or App Store, and enjoy all the benefits of our private web area on your smartphone.


What is PAVIGYM™ Functional Zone™?

It is a work tool that enables us to apply functional and conditioning training, providing us with endless exercise possibilities.

Functional Training and PAVIGYM™ Functional Zone™:

  • The floor markings - called spatial references - provide guidelines and targets for limbs, body parts and equipment, facilitating a desired chain reaction in the body.
  • Uses spatial references.

Why we base the Functional Zone™ on spatial references:

  • They dictate effort.
  • They allow objective quantification of content.
  • They enable movements to be performed.
  • They require selective attention from the cognitive processes of trainers.

Functional Zone™ Support:

  • A circuit format session based upon floor markings, presented in an annual program, but delivered with monthly content updates.
  • In just 30 minutes, members can train several different physical qualities (speed, agility, balance, strength, coordination, flexibility).
Access to Functional Zone Private Area