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Addressing noise-related complaints effectively.

Vincent Teixera
Club Manager

“We selected Pavigym solution based on its remarkable performance in tests, proving to be a cost-effective choice that provides a wide range of solutions, seamlessly adapting to all our requirements and budget.”

I want to stop vibration complaints

Impact noise in urban gyms can disrupt nearby offices, leading to many conflicts:

  • Persistent disturbances may harm the gym’s reputation and impact member retention.
  • Excessive noise hampers member workouts, potentially leading to dissatisfaction.
  • Vibrations and disturbances can strain relationships with neighboring businesses, affecting overall building atmosphere and operations.

Discover how OnAir transformed noisy spaces
into a quiet and harmonic environment,
putting an end to neighbor complaints.

OnAir installed Optifoam as a last-minute corrective measure following complaints from offices above the Hammer Strength area right after the club opening.

  • Reduced impact noise and vibrations, creating a more tolerable environment for both members and neighbors.
  • Easy installation, as it provides quick and effective noise reduction, enabling a fast reopening without the need for additional building work.
  • Unparalleled durability with minimal maintenance needs.

“Pavigym provided us with samples of various solutions, allowing us to conduct on-site tests before making an informed decision on which solution to order. This hands-on approach was invaluable in ensuring we chose the most suitable option for our needs.”

Vincent Teixera, Club Manager

How can Optifoam effectively address
and resolve noise-related complaints?

  • Silent Serenity: Our acoustic underlayer flooring solution ensures a noise-free environment and eliminates vibrations, enhancing the overall atmosphere in the gym.
  • Effortless installation: Swift and seamless integration minimizes disruption to your gym.
  • Efficient & tidy Solution: Not only is it cost-effective, but it also eliminates the need for disruptive construction, ensuring a clean and mess-free implementation.
  • Structurally lightweight: Provides robust support without burdening the structure.

“Optifoam’s installation brought remarkable transformation, significantly reducing impact noise and machine vibrations on the ground floor and offices above. It has truly enhanced our gym experience for both members and neighbors.”

Vincent Teixera, Club Manager

Contact us!

and we’ll advise you on how Optifoam can help you with your noise problems

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