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Impact absorption, stability, and comfort.

PAVIGYM’s new WEIGHTLIFTING flooring solution is an improvement on wooden floors in weightlifting areas. Its ability to provide the perfect floor for cross training, functional training, and weight training, makes our WEIGHTLIFTING flooring solution the best weight training floor for your gym. A reliable, resistant surface that’s easy to clean and doesn’t mark, crack, or split takes the weight off your mind and lets you drop it on the floor.

Knock on rubber.

Ultra dense virgin rubber gives you the same consistency as wooden flooring while offering higher resistance and durability. What’s more, the composition of WEIGHTLIFTING combines the perfect levels of stability, consistency, friction, and resistance for your weightlifting zone. From dumbbells to barbells, WEIGHTLIFTING offers the best solution for all types of weight in all areas.

Performance & Protection.

WEIGHTLIFTING provides the same consistency as wooden flooring, while offering higher resistance and durability. This gives you the perfect weight room flooring, without the need to find a trade-off. This revolutionary new flooring gives you the performance you need for your weightlifting areas while protecting your subfloors and users, removing the need to constantly replace wooden flooring or arrange weightlifting platforms.

Strong body, peaceful mind.

A thickness of 22mm keeps noise levels to a minimum, while maximum vibration absorption protects your floors as well as the joints of your users. The impermeable surface gives you a hygienic and easy to clean floor that won’t warp or shrink, and our unrivalled tiled installation system makes installation and maintenance quick and easy.

Make every snatch eye catching.

We know that your users aren’t the only ones focused on their aesthetics, which is why we offer a range of finishes to help you nail down your perfect weightlifting look. From the classic beech wood wooden weightlifting flooring style to a hardcore jet black finish, our specialist flooring for weightlifting guarantees the best look for your lifting area.

Adaptable and versatile cross training floors to consolidate your business.

If you’re looking for a resistant multi-use floor for free weight areas, WEIGHTLIFTING is the solution for you. If you want to go the extra mile and ensure that your members enjoy a unique experience in your gym, try combining WEIGHTLIFTING with TURF or flooring from our S&S range.

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Better together.

At Pavigym, our demand for heavy weight flooring has grown by 80% in recent years. In order to better meet this demand, while opening weightlifting up to a new market, we’ve developed WEXO. Combining our finest products with our revolutionary new WEIGHTLIFTING flooring, we’ve come up with a viable alternative to established fitness regimens by accommodating for functional, metabolic, and weightlifting exercises while optimising strength, cardio, and calorie burn. Click here to find out more.

Presenting: WEXO.

Maximise your space by combining strength and cardio based training with an alternative form of circuit training. Make the most of your resources by offering classes of up to 16 users to one trainer, while being able to take advantage of a multipurpose space during the downtime.

WEXO offers infinite workout options, allowing trainers to choose exercises that foster correct technique and good coordination.


The most realistic artificial turf available gives you the option of adding dragging, pulling, and intense friction-based exercises, making the outer area of the L-ZONE perfect for any exercise your workout calls for. The personalisation options available allow you to give your new workout area a personal touch, helping you stand out even further from the competition.

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Allowing for all kinds of weight exercises, this flooring for weight areas is the perfect solution for both standalone weightlifting and circuit training. Install a durable alternative to wood that won’t let you down, or give your users a greater choice of group classes. With WEIGHTLIFTING, the market is in your hands.

Technical details

Extreme S&S/Endurance S&S

The S&S range finishes off the combo by making up the Drop Zone. Flanking the WEIGHTLIFTING strips and bordering the TURF, it protects your floor and keeps noise levels to a minimum while offering an accessible space to dump everything from dumbbells and kettle bells to barbells.

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