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Discover our gym flooring acoustic solutions



  • Why acoustic for gyms

    Due to their nature, fitness activities generate a high level of structure-borne vibration and noises, particularly at low frequencies.

    When selecting the flooring, it is essential to check that the isolation it provides is enough for the needs of the gym. Weight drops, jumps, heavy equipment… this is the everyday of a gym flooring and it can damage the building structure, as well as cause legal problems with the neighbours

    Don’t put your business at risk and choose the best acoustic isolation!

    Understanding noise

    Nowadays, gyms can be located anywhere: next to an office building, below some apartments or even in the top floor of a skyscraper. The noises and vibrations produced when exercising, such as weight impacts or jumps, can be very annoying for neighbours.


    Airborne noise

    This is the type of noise that is produced when people speak or music plays: the air vibrations propagate as waves, exciting components such as the walls and ceiling.

    Structure-borne noise

    This is the type of noise produced inside the building structure: water pipes in a wall,hammering or drilling or household appliances.

    Impact noise

    This sound is transmitted directly to the structure of the building through the floor and walls. For fitness facilities, this is the kind of noise that causes problems and damages the building.

    Understanding frequencies


    For a person with normal hearing, when it comes to pitch, the human hearing range starts at a low level of around 20 Hz. The highest possible frequency heard without discomf ort is 20,000Hz

    Pavigym solutions start absorbing from 10 Hz, even before the noise became perceptible… So the sound becomes silence!

  • Why Pavigym acoustic

    Pavigym offers a complete solution for the fitness industry. An acoustic isolation will not work if installed with the wrong flooring. We have developed 360º solutions that are designed especially for fitness facilities.
    With Pavigym floorings and the correct acoustic solution, you will get the noise and vibration isolation you are looking for!

    Benefits for gym owners

    Adapted to fitness


    for all buildings

    heavy weights


    Benefits for gym users

    injury prevention


    free from contaminants

  • How to choose Acoustic isolation


    Type of activity: depending on the activity you are going to perform, we have a specific acoustic solution.

    Acoustic solutions for every area

    dB reduction: our products have been tested in fitness environments to provide maximal isolation.

    Acoustic products by level of absorption

    Product weight: some building structures cannot withstand lot of weight. Our technical team can give you advice on this.

    Download dossier

    Building age: each building is unique, so please check the age and conditions of your building so we can provide the best solution.

    Download dossier

    How do we test our products?

    Each product is tested following the norm EN ISO 10140-3

    Each building is unique, so it is the suitable acoustic solution.

    Download our dossier

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