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Choosing PAVIGYM means you help us plant up to

294 TREES a day

(107.500 TREES every year)  

The healthiest flooring

for both users and our planet.

Marcos Requena,

“At Pavigym, sustainability is one of our top priorities, it’s embedded in our environmental and social responsibility, and a key pillar of our business strategy. Our focus on innovation and recycling demonstrates our contribution to reduce our environmental impact. We’re proud to help build a sustainable future for the planet.”

Sustainable Excellence:
Six Pillars of Healthy Flooring

Carbon footprint reduction

We minimize CO₂ emissions and our carbon footprint by carefully controlling material usage, optimizing transportation efficiencies to reduce fuel consumption, and enhancing process efficiency to lower our energy requirements. 


Certified wellbeing

Choosing Pavigym certified products means that your gym can meet key sustainability and air quality standards, helping you achieve industry certification, and demonstrating your commitment to eco-friendly fitness leadership.


Sustainable materials

Investing in Pavigym virgin rubber products means that you get durable products with a long-life span, minimal environmental toxicity, and a production process that is more respectful to the environment. By choosing our sustainably sourced virgin rubber, you avoid the release of toxic particles, and ensure a cleaner production cycle that aligns with eco-friendly practices.


Recyclable products

The rubber in our products is 100% recyclable, including the tile remnants and sanding dust from the production process, which are shredded to create new products. Pavigym tiles require no adhesive for installation, no harsh cleaning agents, and their modular shape allows them to be reused.


Production & Energy efficiency

The continuous application of improvement processes, in our production and energy management systems, means that choosing Pavigym makes you and your facility environmentally responsible. Good for your business, good for your members, good for the planet.


Durability & Circular Economy

Pavigym’s products are long-lasting, supporting the circular economy. By designing our products for longevity and recyclability, we ensure that resources are conserved, and waste is minimized, closing the loop for a healthier planet.

Dossier sostenibilidad

ISO 9001

ISO 14001




Carbon footprint reduction

Less CO₂ emissions
Process efficiency

Certified Wellbeing

Committed green excellence status

Sustainable Materials

Virgin rubber
No loss of rubber granules

Production & Energy Efficiency

Less inefficiencies
Optimal consumption

Recyclable products

100% recyclable
Recycled & Reusable

Durability & Circular Economy

Long-lasting products
Less consumption


Curious about our sustainable solutions?

Whether you’re uncertain about the specific sustainability initiatives your project needs to comply with, or you’re ready to find out more about our comprehensive options, we’re here to guide you.

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