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The client

EMF Kotara , opened in January 2021, is located on the rooftop of Westfield Kotara, a large shopping centre in the suburb of Kotara in Newcastle (Australia).

It is not a normal gym. Under the Platinum EMF brand, they provide a 7-studio gym experience including a huge functional and cardio space along with a dedicated free weights area and variety of group classes: cross training, hiit, spin cyclo, yoga, pilates…

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The challenge

This fitness facility had special construction requirements. As part of the 3 levels shopping centre, a great attention needed to be paid regarding sound and vibration insulation, in order to create the required acoustic comfort.

Any noise issues could have a valuable impact on the customers’ experience and satisfaction, and on the rest of the stores and workers in the shopping centre.

“Due to the nature of the building and the structural potential complexity, it was key to understand the acoustic requirements. This included an on-site test and different measurements. This would enable us to choose and combine the required acoustic products with the best flooring solutions.”


The result

Weightlifting and cross training areas often require extra isolation due to the training characteristics. Barbells and dumbbells can cause discomfort when dropped. In order to avoid it, on the technical level, high demands were made on sound insulation and vibration absorption.

The combination of Endurance S&S, Underlay, Silent and Absound Essential gets to absorb the vibrations and won’t warp or lose effectiveness because of heavy weight impacts, making it ideal for cross training areas. Besides, these solutions are cost effective, easy to install or remove and do not require adhesive (only tape and a cutter).