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PAVIGYM is the leading provider of premium gym flooring solutions. We offer a range of excellent flooring types to suit all needs around the globe.

PAVIGYM™ is committed to developing diverse gym flooring solutions that lend themselves to every sports activity, embracing technical requirements such as resistance, flexibility, grip, or slide. Our secret is found in continuously striving to combine high-performance materials with the shock absorption and insulation properties of air, creating the perfect flooring solution.

Pavigym premium gym flooring


At PAVIGYM, we take pride in combining our gym flooring expertise with our creativity, enabling us to guarantee the perfect exercise zone that will last for years. In an industry where quality, service, and customer satisfaction are essential, PAVIGYM is one of Spain’s premium flooring providers. With over 55 years of experience in the flooring industry, our experts have perfected our premium gym flooring by listening to and taking feedback from our customers. 

  1. Our products: Everything we produce has been researched, tested, and developed throughout our years of manufacturing. PAVIGYM only uses the best raw materials in the manufacturing process, which takes place in our factory in Alicante, Spain. Our product specialists are constantly improving or products, ensuring we consistently provide you with the best sports flooring for your activities. Characteristics such as durabilityresistance and anti-vibration are amongst the many brilliant characteristics our gym floors offer.
  2. Customer OrientationWe take pride in being leading flooring innovators, and to continue to be so we know it is vital to go above and beyond for each and every individual. Our customer service, sales and installation teams are always at your disposal, and we’ll answer any queries about your gym flooring quickly and efficiently.
  3. SuccessOver the past 55 years, we have gained an extensive range of knowledge on gym flooring. We strive to not only ensure our customers receive the best flooring solution for fitness facilities, but one that will maximise the growth and success of your business.
  4. Quality over quantityThere are millions of flooring providers across the world. We believe in a high-quality product, a premium flooring range that will make you stand out from the crowd for years. Our focus is on customer experience, while we provide you with a gym floor made to maximise success in any sports activity, whether it be weight lifting, spinning, or dance classes.
  5. Our networkWith a team of more than 120 fitness fanatics and 65 distributors representing 93 countries, we offer quality service to accompany your premium product wherever you are in the world!
Pavigym offers premium gym flooring solutions for indoor and outdoor training

Above all, we’re committed to each and every customer. Taking each individual’s dream and turning it into a reality is why we love what we do, and work hard to make it happen. We’re proud to say that since our establishment in 1963 we have not only supplied flooring solutions to all kinds of business all over the world, we have created strong bonds and friendships with all our clients. Whether you’re looking to re-brand your fitness facility, purchase a new studio, or simply want a change of flooring, don’t settle for less. Choose our Premium flooring solution.

Contact a member of our team today and find your perfect gym flooring solution.