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Choose the best rubber gym flooring

More often than not, when thinking of purchasing or even re-launching a new fitness faciltity the flooring we choose is amongst the last things we have on our to-do list.

At PAVIGYM we look to supply the fitness and leisure industry with a rubber gym flooring that not only provides the best possible experience for the individual but also, one that meets the needs and wants of the fitness facility owner. We have done this by creating a range of rubber flooring products to tackle all the common problems that arise from gym flooring, adapting them to each activity, whilst also ensuring your gym has that “wow factor”.

Why rubber gym flooring by PAVIGYM?

Our floorings are composed of Virgin rubber. This ensures that the flooring tackles an extensive list of common problems in fitness areas. Due to the composition of raw materials we ensure:

Impact resistance: Virgin rubber gym flooring is resistant to blows, impacts, and noise from heavy weights. It also protects the floor against damage. Flooring types such as laminate, carpet and PVC are therefore, bad options to have for your area as they will easily break or damage.

Slip proof: Virgin rubber gym flooring is completely slip proof, in comparison to products such as Laminate, Wood and PVC floorings thst have little to no slip resistence , encouraging accidents and injury if liquids are spilt.

Hygienic: One of the key factors to ensure in your gym is cleanliness. Due to the virgin rubber material and interlocking of the tile the surface is easy to clean, and sheds particles the more it is used. In comparison to other flooring solutions that absorb dirt and liquids through its pores, causing extreme bad odour.

Maintenance & Installation: Our virgin rubber gym flooring tiles are easy to install and require no adhesive glue. This ensures lower installation, and maintenance costs. If one tile is damaged it can easily be replaced without removing the entire floor.

Durability: Flooring such as carpets, laminates and PVC all deteriorate quickly as a result of movement on the surface. Our flooring is made up of a compact structure that will not wear or tear easily.


What rubber gym flooring best suits my fitness facility? 

At Pavigym, we look to satisfy all of your fitness needs. Here is a guide to know which rubber gym flooring best suits your area. 

  • Pavigym Motion A unique solution for Group-X & Aerobic areas. 
  • Pavigym Performance–  A solution that combines 100% resistance and aesthetics. perfect for cardio, functional training and general fitness areas.  
  • Pavigym Endurance Due to it´s high density, Endurance provides high resistence, ideal for cardio, free-weight and fuctional training areas (medium loads). 
  • Pavigym Extreme A superior level of resistence against damage from free-weight (medium loads), functional training and fitness areas. 
  • Pavigym Endurance S&S- A solution that provides extra thickness to protect against impacts from heavy loads. Perfect for Power lifting, and free weight areas where increased sound & vibration absorption is needed. 
  • Pavigym Extreme S&S  The unbreakable! Especially designed for heavy duty & weight training areas, where maximum level of sound  absorption and resistance is essential. 


Click here to view our flooring ranges. 


A personal touch? 

Why not!  We understand that your flooring needs to fit in with your brand. Hence why we have the options of colour, design and logos to create your desired environment. Our flooring range offers over 17 colours. And why stop at just 1 colour? Mix and match to get your perfect design. Or if you have a vague idea of what you would like, get in contact, and our design team will  happily create a design based on your ideas. Easy! 

Your choice of gym flooring plays a huge role in the overrall look, performance and overall success of your fitness club. Get in contact today 

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