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extreme flooring for gym Extreme


The perfect flooring for the heaviest and most extreme training areas, with which you will avoid all kinds of damage. The most resistant PAVIGYM surface

Extreme S&S Extreme S&S

Extreme S&S

Top resistance against damage from heavy duty weight training areas. Maximum impact absorption.

Endurance flooring Endurance


Endurance is designed specifically for functional training rooms and weight training zones using medium weight.

Endurance SS Endurance S&S

Endurance S&S

Top performance with unique aesthetics for standard Free Weights rooms with high impact and sound absorption.

MOTION gym flooring Motion


Offers the best protection against injuries in Group-X areas. Scientifically tested.

Endurance flooring Performance


Resistance and elegance with design in your Cardio & Fitness area. Prevents equipment from sliding with both noise and vibration absorption.

Turf - artificial grass for gym Turf


The unique functional training flooring solution for both Indoor and Outdoor areas. Ideal for all types of workouts including heavy duty.

Traffic flooring Traffic


The most elegant look with high resistance for areas of intense traffic (reception, corridors, offices, locker rooms). Waterproof.

sound absorbtion - Acoustic by Pavigym Acoustic


We present the PAVIGYM Acoustic range: Silent, Underlay and Balance.

Comfortgym mats

Comfortgym mats

The perfect combination of resistance and durability. Extensive range of colours, shapes and sizes available.

body Mind Flooring - Yoga Pilates Stretching Body Mind

Body Mind

Specialized flooring specifically designed for floor exercises (stretching, body mind, yoga), adding comfort with thermal insulation.

TATAMI flooring Tatami


Top performance for martial arts, designed to absorb heavy impacts and gradually restore energy.

Flooring for Wet Areas - Swimming pools Wet Areas

Wet Areas

Specifically designed surfaces to help limit slipping and loss of footing in wet areas, while maintaining a comfortable, hygienic and easy-to-clean result.

Paviplay Kids Flooring Paviplay


Paviplay provides daily protection, safety, and comfort for our children during playtime.

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