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Because the best training requires the best floor.

Adaptable flooring for cardio and fitness.

It’s got it all.

PERFORMANCE by PAVIGYM is the perfect floor for any cardio, fitness, and functional training zones, including cardio machine areas. Thanks to the perfect composition of its virgin rubber component, PERFORMANCE is the complete gym floor.

The sound of silence.

Tone up muscles and tone down background noise in training or cardio rooms. PERFORMANCE dampens noise and vibration from all sources, minimising sounds produced as a side-effect of workouts, allowing you to set the ambience of your choice.


Rugged stability.

The rough finish to PERFORMANCE makes it perfect for all types of cardio machines, allowing optimum grip to prevent machine displacement in the most mobile of machines in the most extreme situations. The resistant surface also gives the added benefit of preventing marking and indentation from heavy machines.

Futuristic precision.

We use the latest machine technology to cut each tile into a “puzzle piece” shape with millimetre precision to ensure there are no spaces between the tiles once installed. Our revolutionary method of installation is up to ten times quicker than traditional methods, and eliminates extra costs by giving the option of changing just one tile – as opposed to an entire area – in case of damage or rebranding.


Increase your performance.

For PAVIGYM, PERFORMANCE is synonymous with comfort. Its unique composition facilitates impact absorption and maximises ergonomics in order to provide the best surface for all types of training, protecting athletes from fractures and joint damage.

No air fresheners necessary.

All our gym floors are impermeable, to avoid absorption of sweat and other liquids during training sessions and preventing the acquisition of bad odours. The virgin rubber surface also prevents staining, unlike other floors made from recycled rubber.


Own your identity.

At PAVIGYM, we know how important customisation and personalisation is to our clients. In order to create a valued brand, you need the best aesthetics possible, which is why we offer a wide range of finishes to all our products, as well as the option to add your logo to tiles.

Technical details

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