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Functional training with a smile
Alberto programmes functional training that offers a great range of movements


Linked to sports since he was born, Alberto Pacheco has lived, breathed, and dreamed exercise since he was a child. He followed his dream and graduated in sports and fitness, but his life philosophy wouldn’t let him stop there and he has continued to complement his career with several technical courses and specific training degrees. Thanks to this dedication, he has gathered a wide range of technical knowledge and useful tools that he has put to great use as a prestigious Personal Trainer. To add his own personal touch, he likes to programme what he calls cumulative training, a workout based on groups of exercises with a great range of movements on each station, in order to deliver a very complete and functional training.
Alberto has been a PRAMA Master Trainer in Spain since 2014, and he also runs weekly PRAMA classes at PAVIGYM Headquarters, making sure that the PAVIGYM team get fit and keep in the right frame of mind to work hard. But let’s learn more about his journey to PRAMA.


How did find out about PAVIGYM and its interactive fitness, PRAMA?

AP: I was selected as a model for the PRAMA shows organised by PAVIGYM and discovered the enormous potential that PRAMA had as a training system, so I decided to become a Master Trainer.

What advantages do you think PRAMA has compared to other training?

AP: Mainly the fun, either in individual or group training. Thanks to the open concept area, aspects such as mobility or versatility are qualities that make PRAMA a very interesting option for both users and gym owners.

How would you describe the PRAMA experience?

AP: After a PRAMA session, you feel energised and confident knowing that you’ve done a complete workout. The characteristics of PRAMA as functional training in combination with controlled mood and music allows users to satisfy themselves with a good rush of endorphins.