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Nothing is perfect.

When it comes to gym flooring, it’s a question of compromise. Comfort or Resistance. Slide or Grip. So finding the right group training flooring is mission “impossible”, right? Not quite. Meet PAVIGYM MOTION, the only floor capable of satisfying ALL the needs of Group-X activities.

The type of flooring you choose is critical to your success, and PAVIGYM wants to improve the fitness experience for both owners and users.

Running, bouncing, spinning, twisting, and turning are all great exercises for your body. But they can also test the limits of your ligaments, knees, ankles, and back, especially on an inappropriate floor. And gym owners shouldn’t underestimate the damage to the floor caused by high intensity workouts using dumbbells.

We at PAVIGYM are preparing the biggest launch of the season with a revolutionary new fitness flooring called MOTION. It’s a unique flooring solution created using a technologically advanced rubber formula which increases resistance and shock absorption, making a perfect group training flooring.

Group training flooring for serious performers.

MOTION’s unique composition combines a virgin rubber surface on top of a matrix of millions of tiny air bubbles. This gives a top surface designed to resist dropped weights and a sublayer that provides shock absorbency and energy return.

Friction: slide or grip?

A pioneering combination of lubricants and rubber gives MOTION the versatily to accommodate all types of choreographed classes while avoiding incidences of slipping or blocking.

Body Pump, Body Combat, ZUMBA®, Boot Camp: we’ve got it covered!

And don’t forget: PAVIGYM MOTION is also easy to install. It’s loose-laid, there’s no need to glue, and individual tiles can be removed and replaced. That means saving on time and cost.

PAVIGYM flooring is exclusively manufactured in Alicante, Spain. Founded more than 50 years ago, PAVIGYM is known as one of the best and most diverse fitness flooring manufacturers in the world, making high-quality fitness solutions for all kinds of workouts.