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Why do you need an acoustic solution in your gym?

Before opening a gym, we know that it is important to pay attention to the equipment to be used, the gym atmosphere we are going to offer our clients or the type of music and trainers we are going to choose…

However, there is one detail that gym owners tend to forget: acoustics!

Indeed, acoustics is an element to which great importance must be attached, whether it is the environment, the noise, the vibrations or the neighbours of our building, this element should not be taken lightly.  

Too much noise is unpleasant and reveals a bad image of the gym, which leads to a sharp drop in clientele and, consequently, in turnover…



Is the customer experience in your gym increasingly problematic? Are your members reluctant to renew their membership? Are your neighbours constantly complaining about noise? Is the building structure deteriorating? STOP!

It is important to remedy these problems to avoid more serious consequences.



This choice is made according to your needs, but also according to the expectations of your customers. It is therefore important to choose the best soundproofing for your gym to offer your members the best possible experience.

To this end, at Pavigym we offer three solutions to combine with the flooring of your choice: EXTREME S&S or ENDURANCE S&S. Here is the ACOUSTIC flooring range that will provide you with an exceptional result.



  1. Impact noise absorption

It is important that noise does not invade your gym, as it can quickly become unbearable for employees, neighbours and for your customers. So Pavigym offers you SILENT!

SILENT is a resilient and resistant underlay that offers an unrivalled soundproofing solution in terms of noise reduction due to weight impacts, as well as a strong reduction of footsteps noise.


  1. Impact noise absorption and vibration reduction

Vibration? This is another element that adds to the noise in your gym. By creating damage to the building, your brand image is at stake. In addition to aesthetics, vibrations are unpleasant and can drive customers away.

To remedy this, Pavigym offers you the SILENT + UNDERLAY solution. A real winning combination. Thanks to this combination, UNDERLAY reinforces the properties of SILENT, i.e. the reduction of noise due to the impact of the weights and will absorb the vibrations generated by the gym equipment.   


  1. Maximum impact and vibration reduction

For increased performance and maximum impact and vibration reduction, Pavigym has the perfect solution.

BALANCE, the bottom layer with the best vibration and impact noise damping coefficient thanks to its shape memory layer and its durability, which guarantees undisturbed performance for many years.


Don’t waste any more time wondering why or even how to find a floor with impeccable soundproofing. With Pavigym you can be sure that you will never be disappointed and that you will offer your members the ideal experience. 

Pavigym’s ACOUSTIC range of underlays, combined with an EXTREME S&S or ENDURANCE S&S floor covering, will provide exceptional sound insulation in your gym.