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Why PAVIGYM Motion is the best flooring for group fitness classes

Jumping, dancing, squats with a barbell, push-ups on your knees or Pilates exercises are just some of the things you can do in a group-X room. Your group class space is the most versatile area of the gym, so you need a floor that is adapted to its needs.

 A few years ago, group activities were less varied and did not require, for example, weights or equipment that could damage the floor. Nowadays, activities such as Body Pump involve the use of barbells or dumbbells that can end up scratching or even breaking the floor.

 At PAVIGYM we know that it is not only important to protect your facilities, but also the health of your clients. To prevent injuries, slips and joint pain, we have created MOTION: the floor exclusively designed for group EX Studio’s.


Absorbs shocks to protect the joints

 Every time we jump, our joints suffer. When the floor is hard and doesn’t return energy, your clients can suffer from knee or hip pain. They will also decrease their performance in each session because it will take more energy to execute the same movements.


Motion is made of rubber, just like the soles of running shoes. Thanks to its composition and design, it returns the energy of each movement. Motion only deforms at the point where you jump, preventing other people’s movements from affecting you.


The result? Jumping is much more efficient and easier for your customers, reducing the risk of injury.


It allows friction… but it is not slippery!

 You need a floor that allows you to glide in Zumba classes but still keeps you stable when doing BodyPump squats. It seems like these qualities are opposites, but Motion strikes a perfect balance between them. 


Best of all, it doesn’t matter if the floor is wet! Stop worrying about slipping when your clients are sweating, Motion prevents falls so everyone can enjoy their workout to the fullest.


No marks when dropping equipment

 Wood or PVC are not very resistant to falling weights or functional materials. In addition, when a wooden plank breaks or is damaged…. you have to lift the whole floor! Forget about these problems with Motion: it doesn’t get damaged even if your customers are not very careful when putting the bars on the floor.


Maximum hygiene and cleanliness

 In many of your supervised classes you probably do exercises that involve touching the floor, such as push-ups or burpees. In fact, you often don’t have time to use mats and your clients have to touch the floor or lie on it. It is important to provide a clean and hygienic facility to build trust with your clients.

 Motion is waterproof, so it does not absorb sweat or other liquids. Therefore, it does not cause unpleasant odours and is easy to clean, even if you have little time between classes! 



If you have realised that Motion is the floor you need in your group-x rooms… ask us for a quote! Discover our wide range of colours and choose the design you like best.