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COMFORTGYM gym mats: Versatile, Comfortable, and Long-lasting

Fitness mats are important for all kinds of gym activities. Whether you’re looking for yoga mats, gym mats for kids, or small or large gym mats, our EVA rubber exercise mats are the perfect base for any kind of training.

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Our Comfortgym mats offer maximum resistance. If you’re looking to replace mats, or you’re used to training in other gyms that have had their mats for a long time, you’ll notice that wear becomes very obvious, very quickly – especially along the edges. Comfortgym mats are much more durable, preserving the aesthetics in your gym and keeping your centre looking professional.

The same applies to tearing; our mats are very difficult to break. You’re welcome to order a sample and try and rip it yourself! Thanks to these two qualities, the Comfortgym gym mat is a very long lasting mat. We’ve worked with clubs that have had their mats for 8 or 10 years and still look great. We even recommend that our customers write down our details and keep them in a safe place to make sure they can get in touch with us once it’s finally time to replace them.

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However, gym mats that keep in great condition for ages are only useful if they look amazing to begin with. Luckily for you, Comfortgym mats fit that description. Available in a wide variety of colours and sizes, these mats look great in any gym or sports centre. We also offer the option to customise them to match your brand, something that’s not common amongst gym mat providers. So if you want to add that touch of class to your centre, these elegant workout mats are for you.

Aside from being great-looking, durable gym mats, our Comfortgym mats are also extremely hygienic. Thanks to their texture and waterproof characteristics, they don’t absorb liquids, such as spilled drinks or sweat, or odours. With all this, they don’t just stay looking great for longer; they also stay feeling and smelling great too. There’s no need to worry about the comfort of your members, the Comfortgym gym mat takes care of that for you.

Even better, users won’t have to worry about the corners rolling up as they use them. Our mats are stored flat – they can be stacked on top of each other or hung from a discreet frame – so they won’t ever lift and you won’t need to give them any extra attention such as laying them continuously to make sure they don’t roll up. So they’re not just immensely comfortable for your members, they’re great for staff too!

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So, if you’re looking for the best gym mats to work out on, contact us to find out about the wide variety of sizes and prices available to you. You also have a choice of thicknesses; our 15 mm option offers so much comfort you’ll feel like you’re walking on air!