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Exercise at work with PRAMA

Offering fun, 45 minute sessions, PRAMA is the perfect fitness tool for the corporate environment. We’ve talked before about the benefits of exercise at work and the PRAMA corporate wellness scheme, so now we’re going to look at the different types of activities that our interactive studio can offer.

PRAMA Energy exercise at work
PRAMA: The perfect space for exercise at work

Strengths of PRAMA

1.Versatility is one of the main strengths of PRAMA. While able to host group sessions for up to 32 people, it can also be used for almost any type of exercise right down to one-to-one personal training.

This gives us several options for training in a variety of different situations, one of these being during the working day. 

2. Personal training in groups is the main strength of PRAMA, allowing you to include up to 32 people in one session, overseen by a fitness expert giving tips and ensuring that everyone is working to their maximum level. With a choice of four distinct core sessions, ENERGY, STRONG, ATHLETIC, and FLOW, it’s the most popular implementation for gyms and fitness centres alike across the world.

Varied exercise at work with PRAMA STRENGTH

3. The PRAMA studio can be used for any number of other exercises, and the PRAMA system offers much more than four distinct fitness classes. Its compatibility with music, lighting, and video input, makes PRAMA the perfect space to host Yoga or Pilates classes, as well as any other form of studio workout. Group classes like fitness boxing and cross-training can be performed, and we’ve even gone so far as to run weight training classes in our studio.

4. The PRAMA system also offers plenty of different modes to play with, from ways to vary the standard sessions to suit your needs, to counting reps as users perform them, to competitions and finishers monitored by the sensors.

This gives you a huge amount of options when planning and organising events and exercise at work. You can compete using the PRAMA Cloud system to track progress, or team up and use the combo and sprint units to see who racks up the most reps in real time.

Get creative and make your exercise at work (or anywhere else!) interesting! Don’t forget to share your exercise ideas with other fitness enthusiasts, and then click here to find out more about PRAMA.