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Rubber Weight Room Flooring: Why we love it (and you should too!)

In every gym there’s that one guy who is constantly straining to lift heavy weights just to drop them from high up, causing thunderous noise every time he does.

And the disturbance these dropped weights cause can be likened to “earthquakes” that ripple through the floor.

With the current trend of CrossFitters and powerlifters still on the rise, so is the popularity of rubber weight room flooring in the fitness industry. Given that it can enhance individual performance as well as absorb high impacts from falling weights, it’s impressive in the eyes of many.

rubber flooring for crossfit


Not only do the thunderous impacts caused by dropped weights disrupt other users; they can also severely damage the gym floor, leaving bumps and scratches and ruining aesthetics.

To prevent this, you need heavy duty gym flooring that doesn’t rip up and leave marks. Rubber gym flooring such as Extreme and Endurance are the optimal floors for weights, offering high resistance to medium-sized weights up to 25kg. So there’s no need to worry about anyone dropping their barbell after deadlifts!

As if they didn’t offer enough advantages, these types of flooring also offer excellent hygiene, ensuring workouts in your gym are never affected by sweat. Both rubber floors are highly impermeable and won’t absorb sweat after a heavy workout, preventing that horrible odour that you get in other gyms!

And because the interlocking tiles are so easy to clean, warped boards become a thing of the past, helping you to keep costs down in the long term; a win-win!


Not only does PAVIGYM rubber weight room flooring offer high-quality resistance and impact absorption, but it also gives your gym flooring the edge in aesthetics too!

rubber weight room flooring

ENDURANCE gives you a choice of 13 different colours to ensure it suits the theme of your gym. And for an edgier look, check out the EXTREME range!


Are you sick of the loud crash of weights dropping on your gym floor? PAVIGYM have a solution for you right here, and it’s called the ACOUSTIC range; the flooring that fights noise!

The soundproof ACOUSTIC flooring range reduces noise by 26 decibels, drastically dispersing the sound of dropped weights and allowing you to concentrate on more important things than users potentially damaging your flooring.

Take your pick from three solutions, offering different levels of protection depending on your needs:




*Combined with Extreme S&S or Endurance S&S flooring

ACOUSTIC rubber weight room flooring

The soundproof flooring range, ACOUSTIC, provides formidable fortification for heavy weight training, enabling those troublemaking heavy lifters to “press” on with extra weights.

Hopefully, this article will have given you food for thought regarding what to invest in to improve performance in your gym, protect your members, and ensure the sharpest looks.

Every aspect of your gym can fundamentally affect the revenue that you make, which is crucial for ongoing operations, so remember to take a look at our rubber weight room flooring and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help making the right decision.