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How to Choose the Best Flooring for Cross Training

Deciding on the best flooring for cross training can prove difficult. A good floor for cross training needs to suit the aesthetics of your gym, deal with significant impacts and shock from weights, and of course enhance performance during the W.O.D!

Using Pavigym flooring as a guide, we’ll walk you through the different types of flooring solutions to suit every need.


1. ENDURANCE – Fitness Gym Flooring for Cross Training

Designed specifically for use in standard cardio, functional training, and free weight training areas, ENDURANCE features a reinforced coating to resist impacts from 25kg with the S&S version able to resist up to as much as 100kg.

Given its properties, damage resistance, and the protection it offers the sub-floor, we’re confident that it’s the best weight room flooring available on the market.

endurance gym flooring

Our revolutionary interlocking flooring system makes installation substantially quicker and more convenient than other methods, drastically reducing costs when it comes to replacing tiles damaged during cross-training or thinking about a redesign. Overall, ENDURANCE is not only a great rubber weight room flooring for any gym, but also a great floor for cross-training too.

2, EXTREME – Heavy Duty Gym Flooring

Given the fitness trends that show the increase in popularity of weight training, gyms need to be prepared with the best weight room flooring possible. EXTREME offers excellent impact absorption from falling objects, which is absolutely key when considering weight area flooring solutions. Another aspect of your gym is aesthetic; if you’re looking for a weight room flooring with excellent properties and a unique aesthetic, EXTREME may provide the “edgier” design that you desire.  

extreme flooring solution for free weights

The main characteristics of the S&S version are resistance and maximum impact absorption, but with the base made from recycled ENDURANCE flooring, this recycled rubber flooring base is great for the environment too!  

3. TURF – Surprisingly Versatile

TURF is perfect for cross training because cross training is a versatile sport, and so is Pavigym TURF. Sometimes your cross-training gym may require a particular terrain for specific exercises such as using a weight sled for resistance training or for a different kind of base for a HIIT session to exceed your goals. To help deal with explosive cross training workouts, TURF can withstand high foot traffic, dragged weights, and dropped dumbbells without developing tears, holes or divots.

TURF also offers versatility in aesthetics, coming in a range of colours. So if you’ve ever wanted blue artificial turf in your gym, look no further!

artificial turf for gyms

4. ACOUSTIC – The Gym Silencer

The use of gym accessories in training facilities generates constant noise, disturbing other users, staff, and neighbouring homes and businesses. Heavy weights used in free training or cross training areas are a particular nuisance, producing vibrations that affect other areas of the building.

Pavigym ACOUSTIC is the best flooring for cross training due to the major reduction of these vibrations it offers, keeping your workout areas quiet and protecting the sub-floor and the structure from high levels of vibration.

acoustic floor mat

5. CT 20 – An Affordable Solution

For those who are looking for an affordable but high-quality floor, CT 20 is an alternative to cheap flooring solutions that’s durable – a perfect floor for cross training. CT 20 can manage shock and high impact in the same way as many of our other high-quality products. It’s a flooring solution that offers optimal impact absorption properties for cross training and heavy workouts thanks to its exclusive formula. CT 20 is not only characterised by its ability to withstand use, but also its fire resistance, stability, and aesthetics.

Hopefully this article has helped you make a decision on which cross training floor is best for you. If you’ve made up your mind, check out all our flooring for Cross training!