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More than ever before, it has come to light that Millennials are swapping nights out for fitness classes, events, and wellness festivals as their form of social interaction and engagement.

It’s now more about which studio you’ve visited, what class concept you’ve tried, rather than which bar you’ve gone to. The stimulus [and social media content] from experiencing a fitness class is now greater than that from a night out.

This change in relationship and attitude toward fitness and wellness is also reflected in the aesthetics that studios and fitness clubs are choosing. Think of Barry’s Bootcamp, 1Rebel, BXR and more that are now focusing on the dark, extreme, hardcore decor for their studios. But they are also using state of the art equipment, weights and are trying to create that perfect mix of being gritty, hardcore and elegant. Barry’s Bootcamp, Scandinavia are pushing the boundaries in the same way and are using PAVIGYM EXTREME to accomplish just that.


Rafael Mas, Product Manager at PAVIGYM comments “the approach to the design was to blend the needs of studio surfaces and a sense of elegance all into one product. We expect the most from the materials we use, to provide a damage resistant surface for weights training, functional training, and studio classes, but with the aesthetic to help studios set themselves apart from the rest.”

“When we were designing the Studio space, our mission was to ensure that our studio matched our training philosophy. We’ve really learned the value in choosing the appropriate flooring for performance training, durability, injury prevention and to create an environment that looks as hard-wearing as it’s athletes” Tage Flugeim, Director & Owner Barry’s Bootcamp Scandinavia.