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Leo Medley, Fitness Manager at Harbour Club Kensington shared with us how their members have responded to the launch of London’s first PRAMA studio and what this has meant for them as one of London’s leading leisure facilities.

“The introduction of PRAMA at Harbour Club Kensington provided our members with a unique facility to enhance their speed, agility, balance, quickness and strength. The great thing about PRAMA as we discovered first-hand is that it enhances all of the basic components of fitness that many gym-goers [even those with vast exercise experience] often overlook.


Most recently, the integration of MYZONE technology into the product has meant that we have been able to add an additional special ingredient into an already amazing recipe: intensity.

By monitoring heart rates during class on our giant screen, coaches are able to see real effort and intensity levels from class participants. This means they can tailor their motivational cues and create an even more effective workout than before.

The individual concepts of MYZONE and PRAMA are industry leading, put them together and they create one of the best classes in London.”