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The group training your customers are looking for in 2021

Group training trends

The new year brings new purposes, new beginnings. After a 2020 marked by uncertainty, restrictions and lack of motivation, the new year is a good opportunity to make changes. Your clients are eager to try new things and find the motivation to return to the gym. Group training has proven to be the most effective tool for improving retention and building community within your facility.

Check out the best and trendiest options for a smart investment in 2021.


 Although trends vary between countries and areas, there is a growing demand in the population for increasingly intense, strength group training. Gone are the years when aerobic activities were the queens of group classes. In this decade, the public asks for remarkable results in less time, quick aesthetic changes and constant improvement.

 We highlight the following group trainings for the year 2021:


 Functional training will continue to be the trend in group activities because it is versatile and suitable for all audiences. It not only improves the quality of life, but also contributes to the improvement of physical qualities needed in other disciplines. 

PRAMA takes functional training to another level

Offering functional training will not make you stand out from the competition, but PRAMA will. A room that meets the ideal conditions to offer maximum safety while creating an immersive environment, boosting motivation and fun for your clients. Thanks to the results tracking in real time and its wide variety of quality content, PRAMA is what you need to attract new clients in 2021.

 Discover what PRAMA can offer you.

Group training trends


 The combination of high cardiovascular intensity and strength/endurance is a winner for people looking to improve and have a competitive edge. More and more varieties of this type of training are emerging, adapted to wider and more heterogeneous audiences.

 Minimum investment with maximum impact with WEXO

 Do you want to create your own cross-training space in your facility? Would you like to establish a consistent, simple and cost-effective training method? Thanks to WEXO you can optimise the ratio of users per trainer, achieving quality sessions with a higher return. Moreover, thanks to the elegant aesthetics of WEXO and the versatility of the surface, you can make this space available for all kinds of activities, including weightlifting.

 Find out more about WEXO and its possibilities.

Group training trends


 Although it seemed to be a passing trend, it’s still going strong because releasing adrenaline is certainly addictive. The combination of martial arts moves, slamming the bag, and functional, high-intensity exercises quickly improves fitness while relieving stress and anxiety.

 We release PRAMA Fight

 We have joined the most fashionable trend with a concept that enriches the fitboxing available on the market: combined with interactive sensors, heart rate monitoring and the more traditional elements of kickboxing. A new way of practicing fitboxing for people who are looking for variety and want to release stress.


Group training trends


 Attract new members and avoid increasing the dropout rate by including new group training to build customer loyalty. In a society more concerned with health and safety, offering quality services is the key to survival in an increasingly competitive industry. 

 At PAVIGYM we have the most effective solutions to improve your group classes, as well as ensuring the quality of our products and durability. 

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