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3 reasons why you need a software in your group classes

In gyms, weight training or cardio are not the only activities that interest customers. That’s right! Group classes also attract many members, because they are synonymous of fun and a good atmosphere.

From Zumba to Fitboxing to Body Pump, group classes are intense and allow you to burn as many calories as possible as well as practice your endurance and coordination.

However, it is time to renew your group classes and offer your members new experiences in your facilities!

This is why group fitness software is being developed to help you stand out from the competition and motivate your members. Indeed, it is important to offer quality content as well as to maintain your brand image, and even improve it.

To do this, don’t choose by chance and discover in this article the software you need for irresistible group classes!   



software para clases fitness



  1. Ensure consistency across all your centres

It is essential to ensure a certain consistency in all your sports centres. Indeed, it will help your customers relate your brand and image to your offering, thus improving retention. 

If your gyms have a rather dynamic and professional image, you should offer dynamic and professional content. 

Offer novelty and quality group classes to all your members. Do you have more than one location? No problem! Share the classes you have chosen across all your gyms.


  1. Make it easy for your trainers

Don’t worry about the performance of your trainers during the workouts. Make it easier for them to motivate your members.

The software for group classes will allow trainers to be even more present for the clientele by motivating them and helping them during the effort.

Moreover, you no longer need to think about what you are going to offer your clients the next day, the software provides various and customized sessions according to your expectations. 


  1. Improve customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is an essential element that must be constantly improved and, above all, never left to chance. So, differentiate yourself and offer your customers something new!

Make your members want to come back to your gym for the right reasons. Motivate them by offering group classes that are personalised to your image and up to their expectations.

Your customers will feel even closer to your trainers thanks to their support and motivation! This “personal trainer” aspect of your trainers will also have an impact on customer loyalty.

Indeed, these training sessions close to the members will create the difference between you and your competitors and will make customers want to come back to your gym, not to mention the word-of-mouth which will be used more. 



software para clases fitness



BOOTIQ is the software created by Pavigym for personalised group classes that meets all your needs! This is what you need to make a difference and attract a maximum number of clients to your gym.

Create group classes with BOOTIQ and manage all the details of your concept: the sessions, the exercises, the timings, the music, the lights, … Offer a unique and exceptional experience to your members for their group classes!

BOOTIQ from Pavigym allows you to obtain a fully customisable solution, tailored to your gym and to take with you everywhere. Indeed, with BOOTIQ the classes can be done live, virtual, non-stop or even at home.



With the large number of group classes offered nowadays in gyms, it is time to differentiate!

Offer your members a completely new experience with BOOTIQ software from Pavigym! This innovative software allows you to create your own group classes in a personalised and detailed way.

This way, you can ensure consistency in all your sports centres, facilitate the work of your trainers and thus improve customer loyalty! What are you waiting for?