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8 keys to improve retention in your gym

The fitness sector is increasingly competitive. It is therefore more and more complicated for gyms to keep their customers. Indeed, each year, gyms lose an average of 40% of their members.

Thus, to maintain a loyalty rate of 76% in boutique studios and gyms, it is essential to ensure a quality offer that meets all the expectations and needs of customers.

But how do you increase customer loyalty? Here are 8 keys to increasing customer loyalty in your gyms.


  1. Introductory process

A personalised induction process can increase customer retention by 75%. Most new and experienced members appreciate being pampered and supported by their trainers during exercise.

To achieve this, you need to implement a strategy that will ensure that your customers have a great experience in your gym so that they only have one thing in mind: to come back! 




Gym retention


  1. Create a community

Having a community is an important element. Whether it is on social networks or in your gym, it must represent your brand image and make people want to join.

Almost 36% of customers prefer to train in group. Indeed, a community can allow reluctant people who don’t want to train alone, to train in a group, such as in group classes with a nice atmosphere. 


  1. Set goals and show progress

Setting unrealistic goals and not seeing results can be one of the main reasons for quitting an activity.

Therefore, it is essential to have a system that allows members to analyse their progress against the goals they have set beforehand.


  1. Personalise the experience

It is recommended that you analyse customer data and audience research to ensure that your customers feel that they are a priority on every visit.

Offer your members a personalised experience with a strong sense of closeness to the staff, they will appreciate it!


  1. Encourage customers to leave comments and reviews

You need to be able to find out how your customers feel about your performance in order to know what the positive and negative points of your sports centre are.

You can do this by encouraging your customers to leave comments and reviews to find out what they really think of your club. 

gym retention



  1. Keep in touch

You need to keep in touch with your customers. Yes, smooth communication with your customers will create a strong relationship and enhance your brand.

Your image depends on these exchanges! This is an element that should not be neglected, as it is one of the pillars of strong customer loyalty and an impeccable brand image.


  1. Analyse attendance

You should analyse your members’ attendance. In fact, low customer attendance is the first indicator of who is planning to leave your gym.



gym retention


    1. Facilitate the management of memberships

    To book classes, renew or modify a subscription, pay for new services and so many others … You must facilitate the management of your customers’ memberships. Indeed, impatience during poor management can be a fatal factor for loyalty.  



    To increase loyalty in your gym, it is strongly recommended to consider the 8 key elements described in this article. How can you do this?

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