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Everything you need for your home gym

Having your own home gym has never been more desirable than during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is true that the closure of the gyms was a real blow for the owners but also for their customers. Indeed, we all needed to let off steam and thus find a subterfuge.

And so we did! The home gym has arrived and put an end to this lack. Indeed, this practice, which has become commonplace, allows members to keep in shape despite not being able to go to the gym.

How can they do this? Simply by practising sports exercises on a regular basis, accompanied by substitute accessories or by being equipped with machines.

Mind-body activities, strength exercises and machine training are the solutions! Don’t listen to preconceived ideas and choose your favourite practice!

home gym flooring

1.Yoga and Pilates: mind-body activities

Mind-body activities such as Yoga or Pilates will be perfect for finding balance. By linking the body to the mind, deep muscle work and a reduction in daily stress will be felt. 

Don’t think that by choosing this practice, the session will not be complete. This is not the case! By accompanying the exercises with accessories such as the Swiss ball or the Medicine ball, the practice will be fun and will allow an appreciable muscular strengthening. 

Yoga or Pilates are activities that require a pleasant and comfortable workout. Pavigym has the solution for this! 

MOTION and CARDIO10 will convince you! Comfortable, pleasant to the touch and made with thermal insulation, MOTION flooring is perfect for barefoot training. CARDIO10 is also resistant to intermediate falls and will allow a practice full of comfort. 

yoga home flooring

2. Strength exercises: resistance and performance

Strength exercises such as weightlifting are based on increasing muscle mass, resistance but also on increasing maximal strength.

Often accompanied by accessories such as dumbbells, it is important to protect the floor on which the training takes place in order to limit breakage and injuries.

Pavigym offers you ENDURANCE S&S!
With its high resistance to heavy loads and maximum insulation against noise and vibration, ENDURANCE S&S is the ideal solution for strength training. Also made of virgin rubber, the floor is waterproof and prevents any bad odours. In addition, ENDURANCE S&S is easy to install thanks to its dovetails.

home flooring

3. Training with machines

Elliptical ? Rowing machine? Weight bench? This is quality and very professional equipment! It is true that training with machines is more attractive. It feels like a gym but with the comfort of home.

With machines, routine is not allowed! A variety of exercises are possible and allow for consistent work on the selected body areas.

Be careful, it’s slippery! Indeed, training machines have little grip on ordinary floors and can slip, which makes it difficult to practice … but … Pavigym helps you find the perfect floor!

PERFORMANCE ? CT 2Omm ? It’s up to you to decide!

PERFORMANCE, a waterproof floor made of virgin rubber that is easy to clean and prevents bad odours. It is resistant to drops of up to 25kg and is perfectly designed to be placed under sports equipment.
With a 20mm CT, this floor is non-slip, durable, comfortable and easy to clean! It also protects against impacts and is available in a hardcore design for maximum motivation.

home gym flooring

Having a gym at home is possible but it is important to choose quality equipment starting with the floor of your sports space.

For this, Pavigym offers you resistant, durable and comfortable floors for your home gym!