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Picture this

It’s been a long, hard day at work. You’ve been sitting at your desktop all day and all you want to do is get to the gym, zone out and do your favorite yoga class that you’ve been looking forward to doing all week.
After work, you rush off to class with only minutes to spare before it begins. You walk in, grab the cleanest-looking fitness mat you can find and lay down, only to find it smells of a mixture of gone off sweat and dust and you can feel the cold, hard flooring underneath you.

Not exactly a pretty picture is it? Surely there’s an easy solution?

This is where we come in.

We’ve listened to our studio members and are finally able to let the secret out. Alongside our floor manufacturing experts and design team, we have created ComfortGym which not only tailors too but exceeds the basic needs of a fitness mat which means that you never have to fight over that one mat that’s in the best condition.

So, how can one fitness mat be so much better than another?

ComfortGym mats are made of closed cell EVA foam which is the best material to ensure maximum comfort. It’s easy to clean, non-porous, resistant and incredibly durable.

And it doesn’t stop there.


We’ve gone one step further so that your studio mats are the perfect branding accessory. ComfortGym mats are entirely customizable, you can choose your favorite color from our extensive gallery, choose the size that best suits your member’s needs and top it all off, we can also add your company logo onto the product.

Got questions about ComfortGym mats for your studio. Contact the team.